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if by travel, you mean flying, then i couldn't think of a worse pair of shoes.
well, your question did break them "there is no thing as a stupid question" maxim.
size down at least 1/2 of your true size. preferably a full size.
pics of a friends pair of GTs that have stood the test of time.
get the 9s. hell, if you're a TTS 9.5, get the 8.5s.
nope. and you should also show up late. interviewers love that.
which is precisely why one shouldn't wear jeans.
while i'm not a nine to fiver, i would ignore the jeans advice. no clue why jeans are considered more casual than chinos. if this is for an office job, think inside of the box. wear the boring stuff: khakis, button down blue shirt, etc. dress as boring as possible. as far as the creases in your bushacres - no clue. next time spend the extra $20 and get proper desert boots.
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