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Not a gouge. More of a scratch. The fact that it's at a stress point - by the ball of my foot - is what caused the concern.
was wearing my shell LWB this morning, for only the second time i might add. noticed something,which i found alarming. should i be? looks like a crack, or split in the shell. as if the longwing abraded it?
scratches like these?
i'm a 9.5D on a brannock. i picked up 9Ds.have had them for a few years. even with insoles and reasonably thick socks, they're a half size too big.
Do you wear any of them, or were they bought for filming purposes alone.
one year, three continents, and a fair amount of wear.
alright. figured as much. thanks for talking me off the ledge.
after sitting on the fence for almost two years about buying a pair of shell LW, i finally picked up a pair. they arrived today, and on closer inspection (i tried them on at the shop, then had them sent to save on taxes) i noticed a small roll/bulb/on the toe, where the upper meets the welt. it's really nothing, and i realize that these are handmade shoes, but they're not exactly cheap. am i being OCD and overreacting? i also noticed some minor asymmetry with the...
they used to sell MIJ selvedge (iirc $89), and made in China (using japanese materials selevge. those went for $49, iirc.the latter came with zippers.btw - picked up a pair of the new selevge. wearing them now. they're OK, but definitely not at the level of the MIJ, or even the made in China selvedge. the denim seems thinner.
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