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SOTD: BOIS 1920 Oltremare. Amazing.
+1 on Amouage.
Killian discovery set is a great option.
It's pleasant if you like ginger.. Fresh and light. A bit over peppery for my taste. It feels more like something I would wear in May than in December... A (poor) distant cousin of Montale Embruns d'Essaouria, which I much prefer.
SOTD: YSL L'Homme Cologne Gingembre.
SOTD: Rocabar. I was surprised to see 3 creed fragrances at century 21 yesterday... They were retailing for $179: silver white mountain, green Irish tweed and santal.
SOTD: Montale Aoud Blossom
SOTD: Straight to Heaven. Still have a love/hate affair with this little one. Once considered it for full time rotation but there is something that bugs me about it. Not sure what, which makes it even more disturbing.
SOTD: l'eau d'Hiver FM. It's starting to feel like winter in here. That's why.
Sounds interesting... Will have to give it a try. . My all time favorite candle for the holidays is Hiver en Russie by Guerlain.
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