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SOTD: Speakeasy by Frapin. Very special and I love it.
SOTD: Les Nombres d`Or Vetyver by Mona di Orio. My favorite vetiver with the Hermes Tonka.
SOTD: Eau Noire. I miss Slimane @ Dior...
A valid point. But regular body perspiration under pressure of relentless questioning can also become an issue... So I wouldn't pick something too forward. I have been on the other side of the table and I do respond favorably to candidates with nice scents as it sends the message they care about themselves therefore are more likely to be precise and proud of their work. Even if I am partial to the scent they chose. (Ok maybe not if they showered in CK one...)By the way I...
Suppose you were to go to a first interview for a senior position at a top asset management firm on Wall Street. What scent will you pick to convey power, integrity and old money, yet have an interesting but not too bold twist ? Follow up question: will you stick to the same scent for the following interviews ? I am debating AdP Colonia vs. Pour Monsieur vs. Eau Sauvage....
SOTD: AdP Colonia Intensa Oud. Direct from Santa
SOTD: Profumo di Firenze Terrarossa.
SOTD: tried Bodicea explorer I received as a gift. Very interesting. I am considering sampling the entire line... Anyone has suggestions on the 5 I should not miss ?
I tried it at bergdoff a few months back. I did like the Amber Oud better. Not a huge fan of Killian's Ouds. I am however loving Straight to Heaven, considering a full bottle...
SOTD: OUD by Francis Kurkdjian. Plush and soft as silk. One of my favorite Ouds with the AdP and Montale White. I confess I don't like 'typical Oud' scents, if there is even such thing.
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