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SOTD: Nassomatto Silver Musk. Definitively need to wear this more often... But I am treasuring the little left I have
SOTD: AdP Colonia Oud. Still loving it. One of my favorite xmas gift...
SOTD: Chanel Sycomore.
SOTD: Rocabar. Solid.
SOTD: the manly Noir Gabardine by LM Parfums
I did not hear anything about it being phased out I saw it at sephora and Macy's just before the holidays, along with some 'new' edition sport extreme, which I did not like either. What do you think of Bleu ? An Italian colleague wears a lot of it and sits right behind me. I like it on him but for some reason it fells flat on my skin
SOTD: byredo baudaire.
Quite surprised you don't like Interlude.... I am also a huge fan of Edition Blanche which is in my permanent rotation. And Lutens Chergui I also find fantastic. What makes you give interlude a meh ? I though you were an Amouage fan... My wife hates it too !
To finish the year in style: Oud Shamash !
Had a good laugh with that one. Did Giuliani really get rid of the city smell by moving hot dog vendors out of street corners ? . I somehow understood what you meant though...
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