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You should try Opoponax
+1 amazing fragrance. Too cold weather for it for me in NY. Ah. Another hint that I desperately need a caribbean vacation !
MiN is where you tell your significant other you will be "stopping by" for "a minute just to quickly check a just arrived Mona di Oro" and end up spending most of your afternoon experimenting and comparing niche fragrances... One extra pit stop to Santa Maria Novella before a winter pear martini at Pravda for a complete soho saturday afternoon.
SOTD: Acqua di Parma - Colonia Intensa Oud. Perfect for this cold city morning.
SOTD: Kerosene Copper Skies. Smooooth amber.
SOTD: Aventus. Decant is empty. Should I get more ? Getting rid of the horde of screaming models pulling each other hair for a minute of my attention is a huge inconvenience...
SOTD: Cacharel pour homme.
SOTD: Coromandel.
That's me everyday
SOTD: AdP Essenza.
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