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Perfect to me, because I was long looking for a lighter oud, not too floral or sweet and well balanced.Surprisingly, because I was not expecting to find it from Acqua di Parma... I am getting a bottle.
SOTD: AdP Colonia Intensa Oud. Surprisingly perfect to me.
SOTN: Amber Oud by Kilian. A bit ambivalent on this one. It's a tad too sweet to my taste.
I have. I just check after 90mn it still have lots of head notes, or possibly the heart/base tie-in perfectly. Mmmm. Probably the latter
SOTD: Equipage, appropriate since I went to Hermes to check Rose Ikabena, which by the way is absolutely amazing, and was touted by the sales staff as 'hermenessence best selling worldwide'. I am not surprised...
SOTD: Bond no 9 New Harlem.
I forgot about Eau Première. I remember it close to Shalimar. Will have to try it again.Thanks.
But I want it to be a present / surprise... The Editizione Riviera of AdP I was considering but read it was very (very) citrusy...
Thanks. Never smelled Osmanthe Yunnan but there is an Hermes store a few blocks away. I hope they carry it...
Gents, I am looking for inspiration to get a nice fragrance for my wife. She likes fresh woody citrusy 'young' scents. (Her all time favorite is Chanel chance) I was thinking about Creed Love in white but would gladly consider inspired opinions. SOTD: Amouage interlude. Still loving it. I am afraid I will need a bottle.
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