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SOTD: Aurore Nomade.
SOTD: Bois 1920 Oltremare. Perfection.
SOTD: rocabar.
SOTD: Un bois Sépia by Lutens
Yes me as well. Let me know your thoughts when you try it. Also did you try the AdP Colonia Oud ?
SOTD: Coromandel.
I just got a sample from premiere avenue. It's very nice and soft but the vanilla is a bit too present for my taste. Reminds me a bit of TF Wood Oud on the dry down. I like their regular Oud better or any by killian
SOTD: Oud Cashmere Mood.
SOTD: Amber Oud byKillian
Well since its president day weekend... The Patek was a gift from Carla... Sarko got a breguet, the same that Chirac got as a gift from Hassan II. Hollande wears a swatch. And Jorg Gray 6500 has a bronze version (just to cross the threads ...) if one wants to feel presidential.From their taste in watches I guess Hollande and Obama don't fit in this forum.
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