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SOTD: AdP Colonia Oud.
ThThat's my nickname !
SOTD: Prada Luna Rossa. My favorite Prada ever. Or is it the novelty effect ?
After a (small) vacation with daily AdP colonia, it's back to NYC and trying Casamorati Mefisto, which I was expecting to love but ended up hating. Maybe I over indulged but I had to shower... SOTD: Straight to Heaven. Question: who retails PdN New York in New York ?
SOTD: Amouage Lyric Man. Mixed feelings so far.
A shame... Every time I am in soho I stop by Chanel. They are very friendly. I pick up usually samples of Coromandel, 1932, Cologne or Bois des iles. SOTD: Laura Tonatto, Albi
SOTD: Eau de Cologne - CHANEL
?? You mean Albi ? I love it. Or that you need to smell like fish in the spring ? (There is a sushi fragrance out there iirc...) #confused
I just was not expecting to like it so much. I think it will be perfect for the upcoming spring rotation.SOTD: Laura Tonatto Albi.
SOTD: Aedes Rhubarb. Unexpectedly great.
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