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17,500 is a nice middle class existence in China. I make an annual visit to China (Pearl River Delta), and that's about what our Chinese friends there make. 2 cars, nice (very small by American standards), part time maid, meals at good restaurants. However, if you want to live like an international business person in Shanghai or Beijing, that money isn't going to go far. The expensive things in the expensive places in China cost the same as they do in London or New York. ...
a) we are not that adventurous. b) neither is your outfit. That is is pretty much what every 20 year old has thought looks really slick for quite a while. If you were planning on wearing that to go clubbing, I would say go ahead. Your wedding pictures will be around for a long time. I suggest that you wear an outfit that will not look dated and trendy when you look back on it in a few decades.
I have seen a big decline in dress among physicians in 15 years since I started working in the hospital. When I started I was impressed with the dapper presentation and courtly demeanor of many older physicians. Now those are retired and most of the doctors I work with seem to be trying to dress as informally as they can get away with. Mafoofan is right that dressing 'flash' will not necessarily make a good impression with patients, but there is plenty of room for...
I got my first Jantzens more than 2 years ago. They have been worn frequently (I will guess at least 30 times). I wash and iron them myself and air-dry them. They are in perfect condition. Never lost a button, never a loose thread, no fraying.
A rationale of sorts: Jackets originally had buttons all the way up the front. This is where the lapel buttonhole comes from. As styles changed, unused buttons disappeared, giving us the two button jacket with a long blank space between the top button and the lapel buttonhole. To my eye this looks unbalanced, and it's a bit odd to retain the unused bottom button and do away with the third button that would balance it. Even if the roll on a certain jacket is identical...
A diffusion line is a lower-priced, lower quality line of clothes. I believe Armani Exchange and Ralph Lauren's Lauren line are decent examples. My understanding is that some years back Flusser sold the rights to his name to Steinmart. I don't think he has anything to do with those clothes.
I like the rule about no silk for vegans. Does the supporter of equal rights for worms also eschew the use of antibiotics, in order to spare innocent bacterial lives?
Agree with Repeat Performance on Fillmore. After looking there, walk south on Fillmore and you will pass the Seconds To Go and the Junior League thrift store. Several blocks down on the other side of the street is The Victorian House, not as good as the first three. Town School Clothes Closet on Polk gets excellent stuff but is not cheap. All of these stores are associated with organizations with wealthy supporters, the quality of their donations is much higher than what...
I have some sportcoats from Jantzen. The quality is OK. Taking into consideration the fit (excellent), quality, and price, I am satisfied and plan to get more the next time I am in HK. If I had more money to spend I would go to Chan. It is impossible to say that "Chan is a better value than Jantzen" or vice versa, because the answer depends on individual priorities and resources.
Uma Thurman. I can't stand the way she looks.
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