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This is a great idea. Let's see a picture of the finished product.
I will come.
Mary Mac's. The quintessential old school southern restaurant. Particularly good on Sunday morning when people are coming in in their church finery. Get the pot likker.
I would advise some couples therapy. If she won't go, you go alone. It can help you understand what's going on with her and how to deal with it. If this was to go on forever, divorce would be your best option, but people have been through much worse than this and gotten their marriages back on track again. When the love blooms again in a marriage that seemed over, it's a wonderful thing. Good luck.
My ideas about child rearing were not particularly rigid, so I haven't needed to adjust them too much, but here goes: I didn't believe in hitting kids before. Now I think hitting some kids sometimes can be a good thing. (In my case, this meant a total of four or five smacks between the ages of three and four- at five she is more self-disciplined and doesn't need it anymore). I used to think that when kids acted bad, it was because their parents weren't raising them...
Impossible to really answer your question without knowing your budget and what you are looking for in a neighborhood. Tenderloin can actually be good- cheap rents, cheap eats (mostly vietnamese), close to downtown, and you can take the streetcar out to SFSU. Not very safe at night. I lived there for a year, it was good for me. Almost mugged once, one scuffle with some dirtbags. Eventually I moved out because being around all the screwed up people was bringing me down....
I go up for business from time to time. The downtown area is quite nice. I had a very good meal in restaurant there- and I'm picky about food. Worth considering for a family. One and a half hours to San Francisco if there is no traffic. Three and a half awful hours when traffic is bad.
Some oil can be delivered to market very cheaply, say for $69 a barrel. when the price goes up to $70, this oil will be drilled and refined and offered for sale. Other oil is hard to get out of the ground and it may cost $139 a barrel to get it to market. Nobody is going to bother drilling this oil until the price goes up to $140 a barrel. The amount of something people want to buy changes as the price changes. When the price is high, people will buy less and vice...
17,500 is a nice middle class existence in China. I make an annual visit to China (Pearl River Delta), and that's about what our Chinese friends there make. 2 cars, nice (very small by American standards), part time maid, meals at good restaurants. However, if you want to live like an international business person in Shanghai or Beijing, that money isn't going to go far. The expensive things in the expensive places in China cost the same as they do in London or New York. ...
a) we are not that adventurous. b) neither is your outfit. That is is pretty much what every 20 year old has thought looks really slick for quite a while. If you were planning on wearing that to go clubbing, I would say go ahead. Your wedding pictures will be around for a long time. I suggest that you wear an outfit that will not look dated and trendy when you look back on it in a few decades.
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