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Nu-Hyde shoelaces. Unbeatable and dirt cheap. An espresso from a really good cafe is a bargain at $2 or $2.50.
I think it is pretty clearly bogus. 33 murders in two years in one prison, and he personally saw 12? He lifted his cellmate for exercise?
Many people here prefer that you do a search rather than ask a question that has already been answered many times in the past. Thus you get raked over the coals in a most unfriendly manner when you ask such a question. Jantzen Tailor is a business in Hong Kong. It used to be located in a very cramped and tiny commercial space, which was sort of fun. They make pretty good shirts and mediocre suits. The shirts are very good value. They do most of their business in the...
Do not buy those shoes. If you think those shoes look acceptable, it is not yet time for you to buy anything. Clothes make a statement. The statement those shoes are making is that you have no style. While you are working on your weight, keep lurking here. Look at the Streetwear and Denim forum. Look at all the What Are You Wearing pictures. Go to Ask Andy. Read Most Exerent, the Sartorialist, A Suitable Wardrobe, An Affordable Wardrobe, A Continuous Lean etc....
I had two. My hat size is 7 1/4; the medium fits pretty well.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel I recognize Parker, PT, Will, Pocketsquareguy, who is the gentleman in the knot tie and the other one behind him? The man in the knit tie is Comrade and the one standing behind him is me.
We will be meeting at 6 pm on the 12th of July at the Burritt Room (417 Stockton) for drinks. There is a vague plan for those who are interested to decamp to an eating establishment later. So far we have confirmations from myself, Parker, and Comrade. Gravenimages is "likely" to show up. We regret that Vox will not be able to attend this one.
I'll take one of those dinner spots.
Is this happening or not? The thread seems to have died.
I'm in.
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