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I had two. My hat size is 7 1/4; the medium fits pretty well.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel I recognize Parker, PT, Will, Pocketsquareguy, who is the gentleman in the knot tie and the other one behind him? The man in the knit tie is Comrade and the one standing behind him is me.
We will be meeting at 6 pm on the 12th of July at the Burritt Room (417 Stockton) for drinks. There is a vague plan for those who are interested to decamp to an eating establishment later. So far we have confirmations from myself, Parker, and Comrade. Gravenimages is "likely" to show up. We regret that Vox will not be able to attend this one.
I'll take one of those dinner spots.
Is this happening or not? The thread seems to have died.
I'm in.
My brother in law has some Paraboot shoes that he wants to get resoled. Preferably with Paraboot soles. Does anyone know a place in LA or SF that can do this?
The shoulders of the jacket should be proportional to the size of your head. Look at your silhouette when you have the jacket on- your head and shoulders should seem well balanced.
I was very unimpressed with Lacoste. The Land's End I have is garbage- fabric is not nice, size M fits like an XL, and the collar creases in a weird and ugly way. Brooks Brothers slim fit are very good. They would be better if they didn't put a logo. Wait for a sale.
About 75. I recently thinned out the collection, it was probably about 100 before that. It doesn't seem like anywhere near enough.
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