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What is the objective?
It's interesting that their forum is all positive and supportive- obviously the very tough criticism we level at each other would be totally unacceptable there- but once they come over here, the knives come out.
Agree, that is the most interesting section over there.
This is the worst thread ever without pics.
Quote: Originally Posted by ginlimetonic what are you planning on buying? Picking up a previously ordered jacket from Chan. Going to have Zee's make me a bag. Some shirts and a field coat/shooting jacket from Peter Lee.
Quote: Originally Posted by ginlimetonic Why are you in Zhongsan- got a holiday house there? My wife is from Zhongshan. No vacation house there yet but maybe someday.
I will be in Zhongshan for the second half of November, coming into HK at least once during that time. I would enjoy a meetup if the iThug contingent is interested, sometime between November 14th and 28th.
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym Will you be visiting the Armory and other HK delights? Yup, planning to go to Chan, Peter Lee, Zee's, and the Armoury.
Very sorry that I will be on the wrong continent on that date. If the Glasers have offshored any production to the Pearl River Delta area, I could arrange a simultaneous tour of their facility there.
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