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I'm in for dinner.
I think these are pretty minor: bought some athletic socks- I was down to zero pairs (my wife's aunt, who does our laundry, keeps losing them) and I need them for running in. Got a $20 gift certificate from Brooks Brothers that expired on 2-28. Terms did not allow purchases less than $20, so I bought three pairs of boxer shorts on sale. Total out of pocket expenditure with shipping and tax $15. Punish me as you see fit.
I will be there on the 9th and I would be happy to meet with Niidawg when he is here, too.
TO avoid temptation, I am not going to stores, looking at catalogs, or visiting clothing websites. I imagine most others in the NPC are doing the same. Unfortunately, it doesn't give us much material for discussion. How about we make bets on who falls off the wagon first? I vote for Fidel.
Quote: Originally Posted by WorldTraveller When you can get a pretty high quality tailored shirt for $15 "better" tailors can't compete (and most wouldn't be caught dead in Shanghai where all their hard work would be copied on day 1). You can't get a "pretty high quality" tailored shirt for $15 in China, or anywhere else. I go to China every year and I am familiar with the clothes for sale there- they are often overpriced relative to what you...
I'm late but I would like to get on the list. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
What is the objective?
It's interesting that their forum is all positive and supportive- obviously the very tough criticism we level at each other would be totally unacceptable there- but once they come over here, the knives come out.
Agree, that is the most interesting section over there.
This is the worst thread ever without pics.
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