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I am prepared to sign up for April and May when the new thread appears.
Quote: Originally Posted by thatguymj This is hilarious! I was actually in the shop when you came in... I thought you came off as a prick Roger is not a prick, he is a curmudgeon.
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Any idea what a SC in Harrisons Moonbean costs ? It was about $1200 last year.
I ordered my shirt today. $85. I was pleased with the measurement process and discussion of options. I thought he did a good job noting what was wrong with the shirt I was wearing. The selection of collars and cuffs is not great- not like Jantzen with 20 different types of collars. I think they have 7 or 8 types, I assume you could commission a variation. There is the clerk guy who took my measurements and an old man who is the tailor who makes patterns and...
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff a microeconomics class. the professor was hella boring. Microeconomics should be fantastic with a good professor. My worst was Group Discussion. My badminton class was more intellectually stimulating.
We are pretty much at the end. Even though I lost my interest in continuing a few weeks ago, my total expenditure on clothes in the past two months was less than $50. If you take out athletic socks and underwear it was less than $20. I found that I had about as much fun with my clothes during the last two months as I usually do, although I missed the trolling for bargains and overlooked gems- I really enjoy the 'treasure hunting' aspect of shopping ebay and thrift stores....
I'm out. Have not spent any money really ($8.50 on thrifted ties) but I am definitely not in abstinence mode any more and I'm going to buy whatever I want to between now and the end of February.
I was walking in San Francisco Chinatown today when I passed a tailor shop that looked intriguing. I went in and talked the the clerk for a while. Later I read some reviews on Yelp; some of this is based on what they told me, and some on information from Yelp reviews. The clerk is young and speaks English, the tailor is older and only speaks Cantonese. The tailor worked his whole career in Hong Kong, only recently moved to the US. The family still owns a tailor shop in...
Count me in for dinner both nights.
I'm in for dinner.
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