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Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas You didn't go that route? They asked me to come back with a shirt, instead of taking my measurements. I was a little put off by that, actually. Are you satisfied with the fit? He took a full set of measurements and also wanted to measure my shirt. It seemed a little flaky to me- surely they should be able to come up with a shirt that fits well without relying on taking measurements on a pre-existing...
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade Did you give them a shirt or shirts to copy? No, but they were very interested in taking measurements off of my best-fitting shirt.
OK, I got my first shirt. I was planning to post some pictures, but after spending 15 minutes trying to figure out how to do that I still have no idea, other than that it seems like it is going to be a major pain in the ass involving signing up with some photo website I will never use again. Either someone can give me some clear instructions on how to post an image, or pm me and and I can e-mail you pictures. The fit is good. One cuff button needed to be moved about a...
I'm in.
I'm in for April.
I am prepared to sign up for April and May when the new thread appears.
Quote: Originally Posted by thatguymj This is hilarious! I was actually in the shop when you came in... I thought you came off as a prick Roger is not a prick, he is a curmudgeon.
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Any idea what a SC in Harrisons Moonbean costs ? It was about $1200 last year.
I ordered my shirt today. $85. I was pleased with the measurement process and discussion of options. I thought he did a good job noting what was wrong with the shirt I was wearing. The selection of collars and cuffs is not great- not like Jantzen with 20 different types of collars. I think they have 7 or 8 types, I assume you could commission a variation. There is the clerk guy who took my measurements and an old man who is the tailor who makes patterns and...
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff a microeconomics class. the professor was hella boring. Microeconomics should be fantastic with a good professor. My worst was Group Discussion. My badminton class was more intellectually stimulating.
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