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I'm in for the 22nd.
I'm in. I put myself on a budget for the year and I've already spent about 85% of it. I will probably be in Hong Kong in the fall and I really want to have some money to spend there. So definitely no purchases this month!
I'm in. Tadich Grill would be another dinner possibility.
Quote: Originally Posted by Archivist Does anyone know about the fellows shop in Hong Kong? I believe they have a workshop in Hong Kong but not a storefront. Andrew told me many members of his family work in tailoring, but in fabrication, not retail.
I am not sure exactly what the correct name for the construction would be, but when I was there the tailor opened up a basted coat to show me how it was made (I was told I was the first customer to ever ask about this): there is a free-floating canvas that extends the entire length of the front, but also a thin layer of fusing. I do not know if they are able or willing to do construction without the fusing.
And I would wear it if it was not too short or too slim. The pattern is fine, but to really tell if it would look right for you we would need to be able to see the whole lapel, silhouette, button stance, and so on, and we can't see any of that from your pictures.
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas You didn't go that route? They asked me to come back with a shirt, instead of taking my measurements. I was a little put off by that, actually. Are you satisfied with the fit? He took a full set of measurements and also wanted to measure my shirt. It seemed a little flaky to me- surely they should be able to come up with a shirt that fits well without relying on taking measurements on a pre-existing...
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade Did you give them a shirt or shirts to copy? No, but they were very interested in taking measurements off of my best-fitting shirt.
OK, I got my first shirt. I was planning to post some pictures, but after spending 15 minutes trying to figure out how to do that I still have no idea, other than that it seems like it is going to be a major pain in the ass involving signing up with some photo website I will never use again. Either someone can give me some clear instructions on how to post an image, or pm me and and I can e-mail you pictures. The fit is good. One cuff button needed to be moved about a...
I'm in.
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