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A slow 5.5 today. I want to get back to 12, with a lot of hills and stairs, which is where I was before I hurt my arm.
A little more than a mile today with my kids. First time I have run since dislocating my shoulder a month ago. My shoulder feels fine so I will go again tomorrow.
I would love to come but I am overseas. To console myself I went the Armoury yesterday and spent a lot more than I had planned.
I'm in.
I failed. Made the mistake of walking into a thrift store that gets a lot of overstock from Wilkes Bashford and spotted a beautiful tie. It was too good to let it get away. On the home alterations end, I did shorten some shirt sleeves. I am out for July. While I think frugality is a virtue (in moderation), I do not like the burden of total abstinence, and I am confident that I can keep my spending under control while still engaging in the occasional treasure...
They do have some thicker shell buttons -trocas I believe- in addition to the thin MOP.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker who's who? from left to right, first picture is Archivist, Lefty, GShen, and Comrade. Second picture is Will, Parker, Gong Tao.
Quote: Originally Posted by Archivist I'm going to try and make this one. Do we need to ask for anyone when we get to the Elks? I will be watching the door as people come in. (see my earlier post for location, etc) It's usually pretty easy to spot the SFers as they arrive.
I am in full compliance. Picked up some shirts I had ordered and paid for back in May, but other than that the closest I have come to anything clothing-related is looking at (but not buying!) an issue of Men's Ex. Have not looked at eBay, Howard Yount, Brooks Brothers or thrift stores. I imagine I will be in for July and August; I am saving the meager remains of my clothing budget for my next trip to Hong Kong.
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