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Part of what makes the tailor think that suit fits is that most men in China are wearing them like that. I once saw a tailor in China with his jacket sleeves down to his knuckles. I don't imagine that they sold the OP an OTR suit (although I do suspect that a lot of the 'custom suit in six hours' places in HK and Shenzhen do that), because it would be impossible to find a suit with those details in China (ticket pocket, vest) and they also would not have it in westerner...
You guys are all ripping on the tailor (who is clearly incompetent) but for God's sake, it was only $100! You get what you pay for. I hardly think the OP has any right to complain at that price.
I don't know about Beijing specifically, but I would not advise you to look for clothes in China. The quality of the clothes sold at most stores in China is very low. Chinese 'prestige ' brands are still not great and are not cheap at all. There are custom tailors but most are not very good, and the fabrics available are not very good either. I believe that western brands sold in China are no cheaper than elsewhere (and you will have a a hard time finding anything that...
127.72, I was referring to the Ergoni shirts, not Land's End.
Only three choices for collars and cuffs. No options for placket, back pleats, buttons, sleeve placket buttons, interlinings, gussets, monograms, stitching, thread color, collar and cuff size, or pocket style. While I can easily imagine that these shirts are a decent value, and will fit better than OTR, they are not going to satisfy real connoisseurs. The only advantage over Jantzen would be customer service-- but even the Mafia has better customer service than...
MikeB, I will be in arriving in HK a few days after you. Jantzen will be closed from at least Feb 17th (the day I arrive) and reopen March 4. I imagine you have time to get some shirts, but you might want to check with Ricky. He actually answered my e-mails about his vacation schedule very promptly. English is not an issue at Jantzen, and in my experience most HK natives speak adequate English (former colony).
I agree with Labelking. While it is by no means universal, there is a breed of Mexican man who is a real peacock, with impeccable western shirts and finely sculpted sideburns. I like the style, and I like seeing people who take pride in their appearance.
Too short. suit jacket or sportcoat sleeves should show cuff. Overcoat or raincoat sleeves should extend past the cuff.
That article made me think that we are sort of a 'slow clothes' counterpart to the slow food movement.
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