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6.2 yesterday.
9.3 this morning.
6 today
5.5 again
8 miles today- I am pleased with my progress, but I am definitely not in the same condition I was 5 weeks ago before I got hurt.
1.2 miles with my kids and then went out by myself, total 5 miles.
3.5, with some hills and stairs. Felt better than my last run.
A slow 5.5 today. I want to get back to 12, with a lot of hills and stairs, which is where I was before I hurt my arm.
A little more than a mile today with my kids. First time I have run since dislocating my shoulder a month ago. My shoulder feels fine so I will go again tomorrow.
I would love to come but I am overseas. To console myself I went the Armoury yesterday and spent a lot more than I had planned.
New Posts  All Forums: