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I will be there.
I'll be there.
I'll be out of town.
I don't suppose I can find anyone to take my wager on this turning into a fiasco.
I'm in
It is about 10-15 minutes walk from 3 restaurants I like: Perbacco, Barbacco, and Tadich Grill. If we go to eat at around 8 or later, getting a table should not be a problem Belden Place is closer but I am not familiar with the restaurants there. pictures of the bar: It looks like an unusually low turnout- if you are planning to come, please respond in this thread.
I'm in.
I will be there
I'm in.
Thank you, Vinny Mac, for welcoming our new member so graciously. My thoughts on the suit: overall looks OK buttoning point is too high jacket too short (but currently in fashion) this may be due to the camera angle, but it makes your hips look wider than your shoulders. We cannot see the size of your head, but I suspect the shoulders of the jacket may be too narrow for you.
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