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Quote: Originally Posted by cgardel So, after digging the hole, did they toss the body in or did the big guy eat it?
I think Sart has an advantage doing this sort of work because he doesn't need to crouch down to take waist-level photos.
I'm guessing that this is a trend because I've seen a few thin like that at H&M recently.
I took a look at this shirt yesterday. I agree with the previous comment about cheap stitching. Reminded me of an H&M L.O.G.G. shirt. Also, all the shirts I examined had some amount of fraying. These appear to be pre-distressed. I didn't try one on.
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 its Saks' house brand suede chukkas ... made in italy. i do not know who makes them.... The local Saks Off Fifth outlet has a bunch of those in both that colorway and in the common tan marked down to $59.95 and since they are in the 50-percent off clearance section that puts them at under $30.
41 I used to wear the old school cheap kind when going to the beach or vacationing in Hawaii up till my late teens. Would wear them mostly because they were easy to clean sand from otherwise didn't like them and found them uncomfortable. Sometime in the mid-90's I bought a pair of Tevas and tried to wear them during the summer. Besides finding them ugly, I also didn't find them comfortable so I eventually tossed them. Haven't worn sandals of any sort since. I don't...
I've seen both good and bad from both companies. I think you need to be more specific regarding which product lines you're looking at, etc. You can return anything to Lands' End so if there's something you're interested in from them, why not order it and make a decision yourself as to whether it meets your requirements.
Quote: Originally Posted by Schpacko My polishing routine usually looks like this: First, i brush them with the horse hair brush to remove dust & dirt. After this i use a little brush (looks a bit like a big tooth brush) to apply a very thin layer of Burgol wax. I let it dry over night, sometimes up to 24h (maybe this has something to do with it?) and then polish it with the goat hair brush. Letting the wax dry for so long makes it more...
American tourists are notorious for wearing ugly white sneakers when traveling. They are usually of the chunky, techy sort that don't work well with streetwear and then are worn in a context where a non-athletic shoe would be a better choice. Nothing wrong with a classic white sneaker but thought should be given about when and where they are worn.
Quote: Originally Posted by SuitMyself I think he stepped into Mr. Peabody's Way Back Machine and went back in time to 1992. He looks trendy early to mid 90's to me. Unfortunately, it's not the 90's anymore. Lesson to learn here is to weed the trendy stuff out of your wardrobe when it's no longer fashionable or at least put it into hibernation in case it comes back. Probably better not to even buy it in the first place. I don't think someone...
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