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I have a friend who is quite large; I'm not sure but around 6 foot 5 inches. He is also somewhat heavy. Are there any good sites/forums for people like him? Discussion topics on clothes and apparel that are not for the average sized person? From my understanding, its difficult for him to even find a descent shirt that fits him properly.
I was recently visiting a high-end retailer in Canada and got into an interesting conversation with the sales guy. We were discussing the latest trends with shirt colors. I am generally looking at versions of white and blues, but he encouraged me to look at purples and pinks. He claimed that these are the new colors to purchase. Can anyone add any flavor on this? I do recognize that plaid stuff is in, but should I start investing in purple and pink shirts?
Quote: Originally Posted by Francisco I love my lowndes in suede.. As do I; I would recommend the C&J Lowndes.
I am looking to get in the custom dress shoes world. Can anyone offer any advice? Is this something that can be purchased online? If so, does anyone have any recommended websites? How much should I look at spending?
I also have Uniqlo pants and have been very happy with them.
The best solution would be to wear a dark suit (black or navy blue, preferably black) and a black tie. Preferably a thin black tie.
They have an interesting website; it takes forever to load. I have never been there, but based on the reviews, I might shop online with them. I don't know of many places that don't outsource the manufacturing to Asia now. Do you know their prices for custom shirts and suits?
Quote: Originally Posted by MrNiebla Been lurking and decided to sign up just to reply to this post. My tailor is Forrest at Paris Tailors on 106 Street and Jasper Avenue. He's excellent. I've never taken shirts there, but he's been great with my jeans, chinos and suits. I'm an odd fit for a suit jacket and he makes RTW fit like a glove. He's one of the few tailors in town that does made to measure, as well. I have been to this guy before;...
Has anyone tried out Cad and the Dandy? They have a descent site, so I will probably give them a shot.
Fabric materials vary. It depends on so many things; design, finishing, weaving. To be honest, its really not worth researching that much. If you see value in what your tailor is offering, then make the purchase. If you break it down into fabric costs, you will get lost in assessing the best fabrics.
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