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Nice 3 putt.
You lost me.
Upon reflection, I guess I don't want to ruin a bunch of people's fun. I'll abandon the forum, save for germane queries. Germain? Relevant queries.
This "I don't care" thing has been a bit of a nuisance. I'm not carrying around a banner that says "I don't care," but a few of you have latched onto it. When prompted, I have explained the true nature of how I use SF. Anonymously, and with no intention of ever meeting any of you in person (aside from those who are involved in businesses that I might patronize).This frees me from layering on a screen of white lies or bite-your-tongues. It's the only avenue I treat this...
For the sake of balance, I'll concede what's his name's kitchen is nice. I'd prefer a steel sink and faucet, but whatever. Going around complementing dudes on the internet seems pretty ghey thus the bar is high.
I am by nature a critical thinker, and the way I think often involves eliminating what's wrong to narrow down to what's right. It is my nature. I don't know any of you, I have nothing to lose...
You must be thinking of someone else.Do you feel even more superior making fun of the midwest than you do the South? Are people that live in the midwest just total shit that you can feel smarter than, more sophisticated...?I equate this form of arrogance with people that haven't actually been around all that much.
Yeah. I wonder if I could lease two of them for the same amount as my Accord Sport.
It's very fair to say that you know next to nothing about what I like, furniture included. I've probably commented favorably on maybe 4 or 5 pieces of furniture in this thread, and possibly fewer. Ones that I can think of include a chair by a Brazilian guy Finn posted, the Fins Juhl or Hans Juhl or something like that arm chair, and... not sure what else.I don't hide and make no apologies for my disdain for furniture that I think it way too bent on making a statement vs...
New Posts  All Forums: