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NYC has these lovely high minded people that think every stupid piece of shit 50+ yrs old is a landmark, completely impeding progress & growth.Lets save the stacks in the NY Library!!!! They're useless? Who cares!!!
Not impressed. You appear to be conflating inequality with corruption.
Particularly lol:Loathing, you strike as someone who is proud of knowing a few things but who utterly misunderstands them.
Ridiculous oversimplification:A medium sized one bedroom in a "luxury" (not run down) high rise building in a **bad** manhattan neighborhood ($3K) - i.e. midtown east, far north/east UES, lower east side, financial district, etc.A medium sized one bedroom in a "luxury" (not run down) high rise building in a **good** manhattan neighborhood ($5K) - i.e. village, chelsea, UES/UWS near the park, etc.Walk-ups, subtract $0-$1K.Horrible mouse problems, and a gypsy fortune teller...
Fair points.Never underestimate the irrationality and financial / markets ignorance of retail investors. Everyone discounts tail risks way too heavily, and people tend to have very short memories, which is why financial crises happen every 5-10 years.Millions of sophisticated accredited investors and even institutions didn't realize that they were exposed to counterparty risk with Lehman structured products, not to mention everyone's mega-fail with MBS/CDOs.
If you think about jeans, boot cut was in (with legit flaring, maxing out in ~2005), and showed itself across the spectrum from "relaxed fit" to "slim/tight/sausage thighs."It was less apparent outside of denim, but it happened in denim and was a pretty good approximation of bell bottoms.
Ah. I viewed it through the lens of consuming vs. deferring PMTs rather than what you meant.Possibly get screwed on inflation though. Not sure about counterparty risk. I'm sure they're heavily regulated, but I don't know if insured in any way. I'd prob go with bond ladders.
Bell-bottoms did come back, 2002-2007 (renamed "boot-cut"). Then they left.
Shoes too matchy-matchy with jacket, need more contrast somewhere.
Looks kind of like a lab coat
New Posts  All Forums: