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2007...Enron...Pensions...Your grasp on the subject seems weak.-Enron blew up in 2001-Enron employees mostly blew themselves up via 401K investments-There is in many cases nothing to stop people from putting 100% of 401K investments in company stock, beyond a disclaimer-Pensions are often/typically only partially guaranteed/insured. Bankruptcy of the funding company will negatively impact pensions.
Garcia nonsense?
I wish I had gone with version 1. Making judgements before knowing what the fuck your are talking about = fucking retard. -wrong on product used -wrong on what it does / how it works -and "misting and sprinkling are basically the same thing" is fucking retarded on a stand-alone basis Man I can't even post in the fucking homeownership thread, SF is like a stupid assholes magnet.
version 2: misting /= sprinkling
MosquitoNix fucking rules.
Any comments on MosquitoNix? Interwebs reviews seem to be generally positive. Neighbor has it an never has squeeters around.
Nice 3 putt.
You lost me.
Upon reflection, I guess I don't want to ruin a bunch of people's fun. I'll abandon the forum, save for germane queries. Germain? Relevant queries.
This "I don't care" thing has been a bit of a nuisance. I'm not carrying around a banner that says "I don't care," but a few of you have latched onto it. When prompted, I have explained the true nature of how I use SF. Anonymously, and with no intention of ever meeting any of you in person (aside from those who are involved in businesses that I might patronize).This frees me from layering on a screen of white lies or bite-your-tongues. It's the only avenue I treat this...
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