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Explain what you mean by efficiently.If food's job is to supply calories and nutrients, that the human body can much more efficiently extract them from an omnivore diet than a vegan one.If to you "efficiently" means smoothly shitting out food on the regular, then yeah maybe it's more efficient.
Shouldn't Foo's head be roughly at the level of Julia's wrist?
Reading comprehension, chief. I do not see it as my mission to amuse or befriend you, pal. Really clever and interesting post though, sport. Smiley face.
Am I that terrible? Are you emotionally wounded? It seemed like really pompous statement... to me. I enjoy making fun of stuff like that. Moreover, don't try to convince me it wasn't loaded with negative implications directed towards me. You can make that argument, but I will not buy it."Politely explaining to someone why they're wrong, and then getting your way, is an excellent skill to possess" - is painfully obvious"for those of us who wish to go far in life" - is...
Haha, thanks for the insightful lesson, Toolbag McObvious. I need a pointer on something else, should I make my boss's job easier or harder? I've been caught between a rock without a paddle on this one.But, I hope you go far in life and enjoy lots of prestige and trappings of success and send your kids to private elementary school.I take it you've never seen Boondock Saints?
Celebrating before resolution. Don't count your chickens before they're in hand.
Did not know I was so rare.
If you only count their up days, they do really, really well.
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