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EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!jk, that would be nice.
Open the lid of yogurt cups facing away from you when on an airplane.
Move closer to your job. If you get home at 7:30 after your commute you've already got it pretty good on hours anyway.
The not red one is pretty nice looking except for the uhpolestree.
Yeah what do you recommend? What were those nice brazilian chairs you mentioned in the architecture thread 2 years ago?
Derelict collection?
It's like a cross between Harry Potter and Zoolander's Derelict!
The metric would be transaction prices vs. original list prices, with attention paid to re-selling new chairs vs. selling used chairs. I'd expect 30% discount on actual transaction prices for non-dealer "new" chairs and 50%+ on "lightly used," let's say a 2yr-old. Assuming a base trim/options at $3K, that gets you to an absolute loss of $1,500 on your 2yr-old chair, which is a greater loss of value than the entire price of Rove Concepts. That's the only point I'm...
You say it as though you know something/anything about Texas.We all know you'll only settle for NYC, booth, no one said you should come down here.
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