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Bell-bottoms did come back, 2002-2007 (renamed "boot-cut"). Then they left.
Shoes too matchy-matchy with jacket, need more contrast somewhere.
Looks kind of like a lab coat
Just do cheap MTM from scratch, I think that exists around that price. Bear in mind that price corresponds with mid-range off-the-rack shirts, so be reasonable about your expectations.
These strike me as opposites. In one you are defering cash flow stream, and in another you are initiating one.
I have a lot of linen pants and a few linen shirts. No signs of fading thus far. I have heard that washing in water, rather than dry cleaning, can cause fading (particularly at seams), however. You sweat enough in them to soak through your shirt into the suit? Consider undershits, if you haven't already...
Yeah no question it sucks if she can't deal with seeing your face just to hand something over. Silver lining: at least now you prob don't want to see her face either.It was $640 & bespoke? That price level is in line with low end MTM...
That sucks. Sounds like it's partly your fault though. You agreed to letting her leave the bag outside unattended (stealable), and gave her reason enough to believe you'd get in on Monday. Maybe you left out some specifics, but that's what it sounds like, at least.
Hmm. Matter of preference I suppose.
I think they look fine (though borderline) with loafers. With oxfords/derbies and socks, I think they would look bad.* Thus my beachwear condition. *The left leg, significant amount of sock would be showing on a planted foot with a pretty much straight leg
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