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I said "assy"
Perfect spot for a "u mad bro?" gif. Piobaire, don't get me wrong, I agree he's being assy.
That's funny... that's the reaction I had to some parts of this interview.
Try not to splurge on anything. Buy good quality shoes and tailored clothing (suits/pants/jackets), but they don't have to be particularly expensive. Even your taste in watches may change, so no need to go overboard.
You have to?
There is a good wsj editorial from a few years back that goes through the numbers and shows that plastic bags are much more environmentally friendly than paper bags and most totes.
You can wear your pants at capri length if you want to. Doesn't mean it will look good.
That is one of the factors. I posit that at their current width, they are not long enough.So you suggest that was should change the way we dress in order to keep designers in business? Pretty wild logic. Exxon doesn't drill for oil to keep rig operators in business.
New Posts  All Forums: