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I regard this as false. Bespoke (top brands) should be fully customized and of very high quality, but very high quality can also be found off the rack.Bespoke is simply a very different approach to buying clothes.
Ha, lets not get carried away!
Pretend you're a 100% owner of a private business. If your business never pays you anything, its not accomplishing its purpose, is it? The attractiveness of this will obviously vary depending on the stage of a business's lifecycle.A lot of some large businesses' reluctance to cut dividends is due to truly large shareholders' (WalMart - Waltons) reliance on those dividends as their cash stream. They don't want that allowance cut.
Except how its not correct:DEFINITION of 'SEC Form 13F'A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), also known as the Information Required of Institutional Investment Managers Form. It is a quarterly filing required of institutional investment managers with over $100 million in qualifying assets. Companies required to file SEC Form 13-F may include insurance companies, banks, pension funds, investment advisers and broker-dealers. This form, which must be...
Yeah, but it's made out of the dental fillings of uncooperative Crimeans...
But cutting oak is not the same as cutting zuchini, so when discussing frequency of sharpening it is useful if not critical to provide this context.
A couple of times per week, for your kitchen knives? That sounds very excessive. If you're talking about woodworking stuff, that is a major change of gears.
Ugh, the moronosity and wrongness on this page alone...
You can buy those
Scoping out = reading financials, MD&A, etcorScoping out = looking at how much the price changed today, yesterday, the day before...?
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