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Nice jeans. I need a pair in that color range.
Curious if anyone has experience with it? Got a pair of pants in it, very light weight. Not sure if it comes in different weights, but what I got was in tropical weight. I like the look and feel, curious on how it wears (durability, wrinklyness, crease-holding).
Any thoughts on Loro Piana "Zelander Dream"?
Can someone post that Inigo Montoya image please?
This is so-so accurate. If he's able to delete posts, which he's done in large scale in one instance that is of interest to me (both mine, other people's and his own), he very much can cover his tracks. And he did. He was acting like a complete ass, got called out on one aspect of it, and then made it all dissappear.To argue with someone vitriolically and offensively, and then exercize a silver bullet (available to "hall monitor") to make it all dissappear is a cheap...
I was going to let sleeping dogs lie, but contrarty to......he keeps annoyingly PMing me with increasing rudeness, and now starts throwing mud.Fail.I've never been in a fraternity. While no one on the forum knows me, anyone who does would never call me a "bro." I know you're trying to belittle me (I am not a man of such statuture that I order TWEED!!!); fictitious ad hominem is a good route to go when you have nothing of substance to work with.So "-1" for you for 1)...
Watch out, "in stitches" will come down on you with a hammer of fury for suggesting such things. And then delete all the wrongheaded, crude, offensive, and unsubstantiated things he says later with his mod powers.
Correct. I have never been involved in the commissioning of fabric in any way. Nor have I ever bought fabric for CMT, for that matter.They have existing direct retail operations, and will even make and send 1 pair of shoes to 1 customer.If you've ever had t-shirts made for a group of your friends in college (etc, etc), you know the headache of dealing with the "buyers." So watching the "I'm in's" go down made me fear for whoever the aggregator was.Seeing that you wanted...
hahahaha. I was wondering how the mechanics of this transaction were going to work.particularly hahhaha:Lots of faith in groups of strangers + the expectation that a far upstream supplier would also act as retail distributor.This. Is. TWEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pretty versatile. Pair with anything that matches olive.
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