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Arrogant point of view...I appreciate movies of various genres and styles. Tarantino, coen brothers, scorsese, ramis, tony scott, judd apatow, jackass, etc, movies can all be entertaining for different reasons.Some of the characters in Boondock Saints have a lot of charisma. I get that your persona is anti-jocular.Michael Bay movies are all terrible for the same reasons, incidentally.
These days, the internet web homepage sites are probably the godsend. Pre friendster it was prob pretty daunting.
But if you're ugly, short, or have no money, dating is still probably easier in NYC than anywhere else.
DFWXXIII relentlessly contends that because a > b, b is unnacceptable. a > b may be true but the rest is extremely self-serving and often nonsense.
I see you've been spellbound by the DFWVIII kool-aid. Guy is talking his book.
scarves man. its heavy stuff.
DH2 was pretty ridiculously unrealistic (past the normal allowances for this in this movie genre). Even as a ~10-year-old child I was like "wtf that's not possible... wtf that's not how that works..."
Pump the brakes, I'm just a regular guy.
If I was wealthy or powerful I would have public announcement ads aired and billboards made about traffic ettiquette, and it would be the most productive thing ever done for the USA in the history of the USA. DRIVE IN THE RIGHT LANE UNLESS YOU ARE PASSING YOU FUCKS!!! -Gov archetypal_yuppie I just do not understand how every person on the road does not understand this or have it drilled into them. Clearly the barriers to getting a driver's license are way too low.
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