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If you look on their website they do have a price grid. What would be helpful if they give cloth examples. They are currently making me two mtm trousers, Minnis 16oz flannel and H&S crispaire. Their mtm trousers start at £190 but mine cost £280.
I did vote for Weymouth yesterday: however, as you plan to wear the shoes with suits, I say look at other shoes, as mentioned by Loathing
Make it look less like a suit jacket and more like a sports jacket.
Change the buttons and wear with jeans
If you want Church's, stick to the conserative styles, e.g. cap-toes. My work shoes are black Church's, all are oxfords except one pair (which is a triple sole)
Bicester Village - yes Westfield - just go into central London instead If you do not find anything at Bicester Village; walk down Jermyn Street, you will have options like TM Lewin that are within your budget - if no luck, Marks & Spencers on Oxford Street (near Selfridges)
Even though you say it is an informal wedding, wear a plain tie - if you really wanted to keep it casual, a navy plain knit. As for the pocket square (assuming you wear a tie) plain white cotton in tv-fold.
Summer suit - no Summer casual odd-trousers - if you want As for going sockless, only with casual odd-trousers (in my opinion); looks silly with suits
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