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I have big thighs fron playing rugby and cycling. Hackett works for me. I have some rtw trousers from different brands but hackett have been consistent for me
They are fine for summer
Wear a tie to the Church and then for the evening event, wear a different tie with the suit you already have.
You have: 2 suits (1 light, 1 dark) 7 shoes (excluding sneakers) 1 coat 1 sweater jacket 1 casual jacket Taking into account your environment, I think a smart sports jacket should be your next purchase (even your next 2/3 purchases) - you can wear it with jeans at work or when going out and with smart trousers for when jeans are not appropriate. It will fill the gap between suits and casual jackets, plus it will be the most versatile garment in your wardrobe. If you...
I have navy chinos and cords, considering navy flannel odd-trousers (Minnis 16oz cloth).
Get a jacket made (not trousers), it will give you a much better idea of their style and work.
I have had a bespoke suit and a mtm tweed jacket made. Trousers should be ready wiyhin 2/3 weeks. Getting 5/6 trousers made in total. trousers made to finish
Is that with the £400 upcharge gor bespoke
If you look on their website they do have a price grid. What would be helpful if they give cloth examples. They are currently making me two mtm trousers, Minnis 16oz flannel and H&S crispaire. Their mtm trousers start at £190 but mine cost £280.
I did vote for Weymouth yesterday: however, as you plan to wear the shoes with suits, I say look at other shoes, as mentioned by Loathing
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