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as above, but I would go further and say medium/dark brown shoes for jeans, with medium probably more versatile; and for black shoes make sure the laces are black too.
Braces Tweed suits look best as three-piece suits, you could getaway with adjusters; however, not with a belt. As for tweed odd-trousers; maybe if paired with a smoking jacket and black suede slippers, for parties held at home.
Got a chance to go to Jermyn Street today, they did have shoes in all sizes but not crowded; they did have a lot more shoes in suede compared to previous sales and only a small bunch of socks. In previous sales, I have normally gone in the first few days rather then a week later, which may explain the difference. I purchased the Ladbroke in black calf, the insole read 'Edward Green for Sir Wilson Torino'; did a search on the company and found they also stock Church's...
The shoes are not seconds, EG did sell seconds at the pop-up last summer though.Will try my luck tomorrow. Originally planned to go Saturday, that got cancelled; tried today, the local train service has problems and the trains were cancelled.
They are better suited to casual trousers, such as chinos; you can wear that with trousers in sky blue, tan, light green, lilac, pink, etc. In terms of the belt, I think canvas and madras belts would work best. You should list the shoes you already have, you will find more versatility in light and medium brown suede shoes. You could go for different styles, for example light brown suede (loafer), medium brown (chukka) and light grey (laced shoe). Have you considered...
His comment was fair; there have been a lot of first posts where someone will ask or recommend a company, when they actually work for the company or own the business.
Will be there on Saturday, hopefully finding the pair of shoes I want and out in 5 minsOr I will be drowning my sorrows somewhere
White Blue White (striped) Blue (any pattern) Lilic (any style) Pink (any style) Personally I would go for 2*white, 2*blue, 2*lilac (one plain and one patterned for each)
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