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Cannot make it doing the week, will try on Saturday; hopefully pick up some ties.
The TA cashmere sweaters are very good quality, wish I stocked up a few years ago when Harrods and the Jermyn Street store had good sales.
I prefer jetted pockets; however, dislike the 'hands-in-jacket-pocket' look
Have you tried the Ralph Lauren classic chinos (not the fancy ones)? From my experience; they can take a battering, colour does not fade and easy to wash-and-dry. They cost about £60 in the UK retail and you will probably find that them for about $60 in the US (even less from an outlet or store sales).
Normally i prefer two back pockets; however, for a dinner suit, no pockets.
http://www.wildsmith.com'Launching July 2013'
as above, but I would go further and say medium/dark brown shoes for jeans, with medium probably more versatile; and for black shoes make sure the laces are black too.
Braces Tweed suits look best as three-piece suits, you could getaway with adjusters; however, not with a belt. As for tweed odd-trousers; maybe if paired with a smoking jacket and black suede slippers, for parties held at home.
Got a chance to go to Jermyn Street today, they did have shoes in all sizes but not crowded; they did have a lot more shoes in suede compared to previous sales and only a small bunch of socks. In previous sales, I have normally gone in the first few days rather then a week later, which may explain the difference. I purchased the Ladbroke in black calf, the insole read 'Edward Green for Sir Wilson Torino'; did a search on the company and found they also stock Church's...
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