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I have had two jackets from them: i. suit jacket - straight pockets and ii. tweed jacket - slanted pockets with ticket pocket. Both jackets were made how I requested. They seem open-minded, so their response about the pockets is very surprising. Whatever product or method you selected should not matter, if you asked for straight pockets, they should have made straights pockets. If it was a sports jacket, I would ask for a discount and maybe even on a non-work suit;...
You should try the Gieves outlet store at Bicester Village, morning coats were £190 in June Ede & Ravenscroft have some single-breasted waistcoats still on sale for £95 The Gieves outlet probably has morning trousers and waistcoats available too - this would the easiest route if they have your sizes in the required garments for £400.
They are planning to bring out a higher price range, although I do not know if it would be introduced this year or next.I hope the venture does not turn out to be another 'Lodger'.
I have the same problem; difficult to find decent suits or jackets in 40S during the sales, when it comes to casual clothes I have better luck
Most clothes, shoes and accessories go on sale at some point either during sale periods, at outlets stores, online sources etc. However, with watches it is different, you will not get 40% off Rolex watches during the xmas sales. There will be some clothes you would need to pay retail because they will not be on sale, they are not on sale in your size or you want it before they go on sale.
Cannot make it doing the week, will try on Saturday; hopefully pick up some ties.
The TA cashmere sweaters are very good quality, wish I stocked up a few years ago when Harrods and the Jermyn Street store had good sales.
I prefer jetted pockets; however, dislike the 'hands-in-jacket-pocket' look
Have you tried the Ralph Lauren classic chinos (not the fancy ones)? From my experience; they can take a battering, colour does not fade and easy to wash-and-dry. They cost about £60 in the UK retail and you will probably find that them for about $60 in the US (even less from an outlet or store sales).
Normally i prefer two back pockets; however, for a dinner suit, no pockets.
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