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Timpson sell shoe-trees from £5.50 and they have lots of stores in London; however, the quality will not be the best. I have seen better shoe-trees at the Timpson that are not availabe online.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria There were some figures for SR about three years ago, and a bit over half the business was for Americans (or, more accurately, delivered to America.) I don't know if the trend is up or down, but my impression is it is swinging further to our side of the Atlantic. It was about 70%; however, it was flawed because it was not American business but as you mentioned, delivered to America (this includes...
I have an EA suit - it is true to size, I wear size 40 jacket and the EA jacket is 50 (which is UK size 40). If you want a fashion forward suit in an ok cloth, then worth considering. Compared to my other suits - worst construction, worst cloth and most fragile; however, it does get compliments. Avoid using Yoox for garments like suits, trousers and shoes (unless you already know your size for the specific item). The details are not always correct and their guidance...
I would ask for half double soles, although do not know if that is an option with C&J.
At full retail, get a bespoke shirt made in similar cloth, for a similar price; however, if at 50% off and it fits, purchase it.
Personally, no; however, I do not see an issue with wearing wholecuts, in most working environments.
I have had a few suits drenched before, from trail-and-error, the best solution I have found is: 1. Put a hanger in the jacket and use a trouser-hanger for the trousers (do not use a hanger where the trousers need to folded) and leave outside to dry out. If you are not able to leave clothes outsiude without protection from rain, you could leaver them indoors. 2. Once dry, brush down both garments 3. Iron on a low heat However, if someone does have a better...
Cost of cloth in relation to overall cost, would depend on the tailor; however, do bear in mind, the main cost is labour. If you plan to purchase the cloth in the hope to save so money - it could end up costing you more as the tailor may be able to negotiate a better rate. Not worth doing, i. some tailors do not like it, and ii. causes problems, if the tailor makes a mistake on the cloth or needs more cloth If you have unusual cloth that is not easy to source - then...
The toes of my daily shoes do 'wear' out quick; however, for shoes not worn regularly, it is not an issue. For the latter, this is not only because of the amount of time I wear the shoes, but also the surfaces I walk on and how long the shoes are on. Probably worth testing out.
I have got segs added to my work shoes and have seen the benefit. What about shoes that I will not wear as often, it is worth doing and my other concern would be leaving marks on wood, etc flooring? When getting the shoes resoled, a sunked seg is possible but at the moment I am restricted to what the local clobber can do.
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