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Quote: Originally Posted by clee1982 C&J have a sale right now? what's the price range like, especially for handgrade. I saw a few shoes for £295 (handgrade?) and £180 on the window display - the prices for 'seconds' were not appealing.
Disappointing, although there were lots of shoes in my size (mostly black and dark brown); some of the shoes were £460. I was tempted by the black suede single monks and light brown loafers, there were 3 opera pumps in my size but left empty handed. I wanted to go early and look at Lobb too; however, that was not possible. C&J, Trickers and Fosters did have some good prices.
My Church's sizes are as follows: Lasts 73 & 108 - 8.5F Last 173 - 8F Last 130 - unknown This may not be apply to you, but worth considering when looking at sizes; from the lasts mentioned above, all fit well.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Agreed on the short arms part, kinda sucks. Short arms are an advantage when buying clothes - if the shirt or jacket sleeve is too long, it can be shortened. I have short arms and like choosing the sleeve length of jackets. Although, they are a disadvantage when trying to sell your old clothes; however, being a clothes hoarder, I do not need to worry about selling unwanted clothes.
My department is split into three small groups. My group has seven people (five males, two male) -two male colleagues wear dark trousers (black and dark grey) with light brown loafers. Even when I was working in the City of London, I saw people with dark trousers with light brown shoes; although I saw medium/dark brown shoes a lot more often than light brown. Is it becoming more acceptable (to wear light coloured shoes with dark trousers to work)? I would say so. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger I think the cuffs on RTW is a waste of money. I've done it and wish I hadn't, especially when i tried to resell on b&s with m y short ass arms Surely the same applies to mtm and bespoke, if you end up selling a jacket. If you plan to sell a jacket and have short arms, you could be fcuked regardless because there may not be enough cloth to length the sleeve to the desired length.
I have rtw jackets with and without working buttons. Although working buttons are a nice feature, it does not make a 'real' different. I have would rather have nicer buttons without button holes over cheap looking buttons with button holes - whether the jacket is rtw, mtm or bespoke.
James Taylor have done some repair work for me. From what I have seen, their bespoke shoes are lacking in terms of style; they are an orthopaedic specialist and that is what they do best. If you do not need to see an orthopaedic specialist and stand taller then Sarkozy, then Cleverley would be a better choice. Although James Taylor's prices are very competitive.
Quote: Originally Posted by emc894 Slightly OT but does anyone have experience with Hacketts' Chinos? I have a pair of 'military chinos' from the A/W 09 collection, they are ok - nice cloth, good fit for me, construction could be better. I also have needlecord and canvas trousers from the same range, which are better quality.
In the UK, even RL is more available than Hackett; therefore, those based in the U.S. would The other advantage of RL is that there is more variety in the clothes available (clothing per range and number of ranges). In terms of quality, it does seem similar; however, you have to make you are comparing like-for-like products/range. I would put Hackett on par with Ralph Lauren Polo.
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