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From what you are saying khaki seems the best options, Saks may be more open-minded about a light suit then a more conservative working environment. If you concerned about the colour, then go for grey. For an interview, navy or grey is ideal, although I would rank one above the other.
Location and cloth need to be considered: In HK, a lightweight cloth - maybe, although probably best to go without Royal Ascot, morning formal wear - hell yeah!
I would have voted Vox; however, too much blue for my liking. I wonder if he is starring in the Smurf movie.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar And you're allright with having an Italian manager? No. It is was a disgrace when they appointed Sven, McCrappen in between, now another foreigner in Capello. After last night's performance, can an English manager do worse. Gerrard on the left, Heskey starting WTF??? Although as this is a clothing forum, will focus on the clothes Thank God for the rugby team, showing some passion in beating the...
Like there are striped jackets that do not look like suit jackets, there are striped trousers that do not look like suit trousers. You can wear the trousers with a shirt and jacket; however, you are better of wearing a sweater that will break-up the look and not make it seem you are matching the trousers to the jacket. It terms of the jacket, plain or little/faint pattern would be best. You can get away with a striped shirt (different stripe style to the...
Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC +1 to all the comments above - made by Cheaney, quality isn't bad but they're available (at least the non-cordovan models) for £99 / $150 from the G&H factory outlet. I paid £125 for a pair of oxfords (50% off) from the Savile Row store a few years ago. I did have a look at the Bicester Village outlet store but the options were very limited and mostly black shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar I thought it was Huntsman who designed the 1966 England's team suit... Marks & Sparks? They could go for great suits with the money of the FA... How much costs Capello? A few millions squids a year... Huntsman did make the suits for the '66 England team. The FA keeps changing suit supplier- Paul Smith, Burtons 2002, Armani 2006 and now M&S. Personally, I think the FA should only be using Engish...
I have a pair of Gieves' shoes, which are Cheaney-made. Shoes at retail are over-priced; however, during the sales, a good purchase.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spring599 How many days do you give it between wearings? Also, how does it hold up to wrinkles through the course of the day? Not in my main suit rotation; however, I have worn the suit twice in three days. The trousers did need to be ironed, there were a few faint wrinkes, although that had more to do with me not hanging the trousers. If I hung the trousers probably, I reckon the trousers would have been...
I have two, one is Ralph Lauren and the other was a Yoox purchase. Although most patch pocket jackets are probably custom made, I do find options available instore or online.
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