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Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho I'd like to get some opinions on the AE Leeds, I'm looking to purchase a pair. I would say the Leeds is more acceptable with a suit then the Delray
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel Purists will tell you that a split-toe blucher like the DelRay is inappropriate for a suit. The rest of the world--the overwhelming majority of civilized humanity of both sexes--will think it looks fine. As above, although I would agree with the purists. Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel FWIW President Obama wore similar shoes at his inauguration. That means a 'no' to...
I have two Black label ties, purchased in 2005 and 2007. HB does not get much love on SF; however, they have some good products that are worth considering that includes their ties.
Why didn't the Church's fit you well and what last/s where the shoes? Why does C&J's 337 last fit you well? From my experience, in general Church's have a more generous fit; however, they do have lasts that are narrower and have a smaller toe area compared to their traditional shaped lasts. I find C&J a bit narrow, so they need more time to break-in; while even though EG and JL are narrower than Church's, I do not have the breaking in period issues like C&J.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuro think it is less... Charvet prices at 28 Place Vendôme (July 2009): RTW from €311 MTM from €463 Bespoke from €580 Prices for US customers would exclude French tax
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I would be surprised of Charvet were anywhere close to Kabbaz prices these days. Last I heard, Kabbaz was charging $1,200, 10 shirt minimum, plus a substantial consultation fee. Charvet is around $600 IIRC. AK's prices were going up at least $100 a year throughout the 2000s and sometimes more. By now they could be $1,500 for all I know. Charvet bespoke starts at about €600 (£507) and from AK's...
Tom Wolfe is a customer, maybe worth looking for some pictures. I am not here to question the quality of the shirt; however, the price is an issue, something I cannot justify. Due to location never considered AK shirts, for his prices I could get 4 shirts from my shirtmarker but did consider Charvet, which are in a similar price bracket (note: due to current currency exchange comapred to Pound Sterling, Charvet is priced less than AK). For the difference in the shirt,...
Quote: Originally Posted by eMacPaul The appropriate punishment is to turn him into a pair of bespoke shoes. although, I do agree
We should all get Alex extra-short ties for xmas.
Quote: Originally Posted by pred02 I have a pair of Bruno Magli (not so fancy) shoes that need a basic leather resole. I know a bunch of dry cleaning places around my house do it (and charge ~£35 for it) however I am wondering if there are any that are recommended in my area - N1 / Essex Road near Angel. I would prefer not to have to cross London as I am away on business M-F. Thanks! The City Cobbler on 215 City Road, near The Eagle pub -...
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