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Quote: Originally Posted by chrisb0109 Equivalent? We wear black oxfords as well. but you Yanks like wearing brown shoes
You have to take into account, the first shirt has a buttoned collar; also note, how the shirt fabric varies between buttons (the second shirt looks neater). It could be a case where the first shirt is made for casual settings and possibly with top button normally not buttoned. There is a difference between my work shirts and buttoned collar shirts, although not as much as seen above. If people are going the custom route, they could have a smart shirt with...
Depends on the pattern; for example, if you planned to wear the trousers of a plain grey suit, most people will be none the wiser. If I were to do that, I would not wear black oxfords (for the US, the equivalent applies). I do not like to wear a tie without a suit, unless required and in those scenarios would wear a sports jacket or at least a sweater (even a lightweight sweater).
By polish leather, they mean polished binder - corrected grain leather
With stocking up, there can be an issue of the garment not fitting when you plan to wear them. There are things that are always worth stocking on, such as socks, shoes, accessories, even coats. You have to also consider, when/if the garments will be on sale again. Will the shirts be on sale for a similar price, say during the xmas/summer sales?
With something like a white shirt, cap-toe oxfords, etc I can see the point of having the same item twice; however, with jeans/trousers, I would not get an exact pair unless it were spare trousers with a suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by countdemoney Why the choice of Tom Ford as co-author? publicity (cannot blame James)
The churches don't fit me well because they pinch quite a lot around my little toe on my right foot. I think they were a G108 - the 108's do have a 'tighter' fit compared to the more traditional lasts, I have the Lowick model in my work rotation. In my opinion, C&J are better at doing narrow lasts but my feet and I prefer Church's. If you wanted to try Church's again consider; 173 (round-toe) and 119; 130 is an elongated shape (no experience myself) but avoid the Italian...
Quote: Originally Posted by The Silverfox I'm curious though, what are the benefits of going through bespoke england? Aside from perhaps saving yourself the trip to the actual store. Once you have tried on or owned G&G shoes, you save a trip. That may be the only advatage; however, you have to take into account the time taken to make a trip and sometimes finding time is difficult. With BE, make an order and they will get in contact to discuss...
Quote: Originally Posted by The Silverfox I thought the EG was 610 for RWT and 710 for MTO. We're talking about the Chelsea, right? Either way, prices seem relatively comparable, although I guess prices have gone up a bit since the fellow from the other thread got his in december 2008. I was quoted £690 for MTO in Feb (this year) and their cap-toe is the Chelsea model. The RTW model was £585 at the time. Quote: Originally...
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