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Quote: Originally Posted by GrumbleGrumble If you can get to Bicester Village you should be able to pick up some Church's for, er, slightly over budget (~£160 + shoe trees if required). You get Church's for £150 at Bicester Village, I have in the past; however, it depends on your luck. On one trip I found two black oxfords's in my size and on the next two occasions, nothing. Quote: Originally Posted by pred02 I am...
... the designs, especially from their casual range. They have some nice designs from their city range and some wholecuts are nice; however, you would have to pay me to wear most of their shoes. Some people find Lobb (St James) too conservative and boring, but I do not.
I have 4 Cheaney's (1 own brand, 3 outsourced work) vs 2 C&J's and although my fave out of the bunch is outsourced Cheaney's, I would say C&J. - slightly higher quality leather, better construction,
Your current charcoal suit could be used for interviews/meetings; for work, you could wear both in most environments. If you need a suit to be worn specifically for interviews and meetings, and also for work, then the second suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I will never wear any shade or fabric of blue as an odd trouser with a jacket. I will wear pants from my blue linen suit with a light linen shirt but never with a jacket. Not even light blue? I can understand why someone would not wear have navy odd trousers or wear the trousers of a navy suit with another jacket; however, ruling out all shades of blue seems strange to me.
Suits: SB 4, DB 1 Sports jackets: SB 9, DB 0
Quote: Originally Posted by Grammaton Cleric Sadly, Sedwell starts at 3,500 excl. VAT. I think that is with vat. When British tax was at 15%, Sedwell was charging £3.5k including vat; with at 17.5% that means about £3.6k. £3.5k excluding vat is even more expensive than Huntsman.
Recomendations would be given on the style you like. All the tailoring houses can make a good suit (regardless of the individual's size), even Richard James & Boateng; therefore, it is difficult to recommend a tailor without any guidance. House style is not just about how the suit fits someone, but a style that they specialise. Why go to Anderson & Sheppared for a very structured suit when Dege and Meyer & Mortimer are better suited, and so forth. If you are...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gininteacups Thank you for the information. I was quoted around the £100 mark for a resole, by James Taylor & Son in London. Is Lobb worth the additional £100 or so for the resole? I suppose they use the original last? I'm aware that Lobb would not touch the shoes in the future if I were to get them resoled elsewhere. James Taylor have done some repair work for me; however, if you got JL shoes then use JL for...
I would not reccomend any Savile Row tailor, you need to decide what style you like and or want. I could understand if someone wanted Dege/Poole for work suits, then A&S for formalwear, etc. However, it seems you are looking to purchase bespoke, for the sake of bespoke and will end up dissapointed. Lets assume you picked A&S, there may be something you want tweak and at least you can do that on the second suit. However, if you got suits made from different tailors...
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