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Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm Full resole is $450 and sent to France. Resole for RTW costs are normally about a third of shoe price, although with this can vary depending on the range and brand. Edward Green resoles are about 30% of the retail, although Barkers can be as high as 50% of the retail price. The last time I saw US prices for JL, they were between $1.1k and $1.5k; which makes $450 on par with costs plus shipping. ...
Bicester Village: Church's - worth calling to find out about what sizes are available Ralph Lauren may have some English made shoes, although last time they did not have any shoes Charles Tyrwhitt have shoes for under £100 Dunhill, Zegna and Ferragamo have shoes; however, not fond of the shoes I find at the latter. If you only want Trickers boots then Northampton is the only option but even then, they may not have models in your size.
May seem like the easy option, but have you considered penny loafers -
You were 'high' and reading details about the lining. Be grateful that you did not leave the store with a Z-Zegna suit purchased at full retail.
Quote: Originally Posted by Not Ed Harris What about Connock & Lockie? All the info I've seen about them is fairly old, but AAAC's guide says their style is "Huntsman-like" and I think they might be in-budget. They do a have Huntsman style and within budget
Quote: Originally Posted by JRSmithson 1. Budget is £1000-1500. 2. I tried a Huntsman off the rack It fitted really well in their opinion...and mine too....just needed 1/2 inch on the sleeve and was £1500. 3. I like the Huntsman coat the best of any I have seen.I dont really like "soft tailoring". The problem was...I wanted flat front trousers and slanted pockets...the ready to wear doesnt have this. 2. Trying RTW...
Almost all my shoes were purchased on sale; however, that is not always possible - I have paid retail because they were not on sale or wanted the shoes before the sale period. The same applies to clothes, etc, sometimes you have to pay full retail. If you can wait for sale period and they would be available after the sale period just incase they are not on sale, then wait. If not or you want the shoes now; and they are affordable, buy them.
Pal Zileri (ideally Sartoriale), Belvest Quote: Originally Posted by kabeer_g I have tried many suits (Zegna, Armani, Prada, Hugo Boss etc) and only one I have liked so far is Prada. I do like Prada suits and have done for a many years, they may be made by Zegna.
Personally, I would say look at different watches; although, from the options, the white face option.
£27 ($42) every 6-8 weeks Although the last two occasions I have used the top stylist who charges £39 ($60) - the first time my stylist was away sick so they charged me my normal rate and I rebooked with him. The annoying part is when I am booking my next appointment, the reception staff try to sell me Loreal products. My stylist does not bother, she knows I am happy with my current products.
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