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Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC - Huntsman starting price is now £4,200; certainly eye-opening Using my tour, Peter said the price was £4.4k; however, their website states starting price at £3995.
Quote: Originally Posted by bugatti.veyron Is it worth paying a premium for perfectly fitting trousers? Yes. Why get trousers that do not fit and ask a tailor to make they fit better, when there are trousers avaiable that fit. There is no guarentee that the tailor can make the fit as good and even if you save some money, the time and effort may not be worth the savings. One of my best fitting trousers are a pair of RTW Burberry casual...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant What?!? And with border collies present? Were they Italian border collies? lol
Good day, started at Huntsmans for the 11:30 presentation and ended at Poole's. Gieves did a double tour (i. archive & history, ii. bespoke); however, because the tour overran missed the start of the Hand & Lock presentation at Dege (presentation was between 2pm - 4pm, I turned up at 2:40), no one else was there and it got boring after 3 mins. The houses could have organised the prestations timing better, there was too much lapse between start times.
Oscar Udeshi; however, you would be looking £220/+ for a MTM shirt - you can get bespoke for less money in London.
There is a difference in cloth quality from my older Gieves RTW to my last purchases (xmas '08). From what I have seen recently, there has been further decrease yet in the last year the prices have jumped. In terms of construction, I suppose if I examine the garments there could be a difference; however cloth and price in this case are more of a concern. I have varies RTW from Gieves: suits, shirts, sweaters, odd-trousers, tweed jacket, ties and a pair of shoes. ...
Good timing - my week off *plans visit* **emails Huntsman*
Gieves have started to charge silly money for their RTW; only purchase it on sale, with at least 33% discount. The garment quality has also decreased.
My guess, would be the same: 21.7.58 - the date, 21st July '58 2276/1 - customer number; 2276th customer, first garment BH - cutter's intials 926S - ???
Considering the environement, no. You should look at cotton/linen mix, probably with a higher % of the former.
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