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You can get Cheaneys for £200 RRP Austin Reed on Regent Street have Church's & Cheaneys on sale, both under £200. They had the Consul model (Church's) for £193 and I saw Cheaneys for £135.
Prada sports jacket (100% camel) Ralph Lauren sports jacket (100% cotton)
1. Go to the tailor directly or spend the $20 elsewhere and say yourself the hassle dealing with 21st Century 2. Don't use the tailor service available from 21st Century If you want Century to be involved in the process, go to someone senior then the salesperson; explain the situation and they should help you with the alteration.
Bespoke shoemakers - yes However, not the likes of Lobb and Cleverley but orthopaedic bespoke shoe specialists like James Taylor (http://www.taylormadeshoes.co.uk/). You will not get stylist Gaziano Girling designs but enough options for a good shoe wardrobe
As: odd trousers - no piping and they can work as casual s/s trousers sports jacket - two buttons, two straight pockets, no edge stitching, notch lapels, no piping on pockets suit - £1m million cheque in one of the inside pockets
Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC Can anyone ID this gentleman? I love his suit, though DB with DB waistcoat is a look I'd struggle to pull off: [/IMG] He works for A&S
http://picasaweb.google.com/11478074...86105531561778 In the thumbnail version, it seems like Guy is smoking a cigar
Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC - Huntsman starting price is now £4,200; certainly eye-opening Using my tour, Peter said the price was £4.4k; however, their website states starting price at £3995.
Quote: Originally Posted by bugatti.veyron Is it worth paying a premium for perfectly fitting trousers? Yes. Why get trousers that do not fit and ask a tailor to make they fit better, when there are trousers avaiable that fit. There is no guarentee that the tailor can make the fit as good and even if you save some money, the time and effort may not be worth the savings. One of my best fitting trousers are a pair of RTW Burberry casual...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant What?!? And with border collies present? Were they Italian border collies? lol
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