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I am sure Cad & Dandy can do a more fashion-forward suit for you. Speak with them and James can show you some non-conservative suits, jackets and coats. When I started buying suits, I did try different styles, including a very fashion-forward suit from E. Armani. Never again, besides the design everything else was crap: cloth, construction, buttons, even the overlock finishing on the trouser hemming. Reiss will be the same, if not worse.
Quote: Originally Posted by F. Corbera A lot of good RTW that one would get normally (normally = you walk into a nice shop, you try on a few things, you pay retail, and the shop tailors the adjustments) costs more than a lot of good bespoke. Sorry dear sir, could you please explain what you mean by 'pay retail'?
I have seen adverts for a dinner suit or dinner jacket, from H&M; it does look like a suit-style evening wear. In terms of the garment you have seen: 1. Deal-killer for me, but you may not mind 2. Tuck the flaps in and some people will not care/know about the stripe 3. They will be covered and if an issue, get them removed 4. How 'short' is the suit, it is a slim-fit or a size too small. If the latter then no? 5. Give it a good iron on the lowest setting If you...
The OP makes a valid request: i - I would like everything in wardrobe being bespoke, even socks, but that is not financially possible. The OP may want to be selective in what is bespoke and RTW/MTM; e.g. work and casual clothing - RTW/MTM and evening/formal wear - bespoke. ii - some people are a good fit for RTW (and MTM) this could include the OP and he may feel the small differences between RTW/MTM and bespoke are not worth the cost....
Looks like a first-year uni student's computer project. Are the prices in HK Dollar?
You will be getting a good product; however, fit is an issue and why you should not purchase any more (E&R MTM) suits until you have tried the final product. You may also want to change certain features for future suits; e.g. no of buttons, lapel, pocket style, vent style, etc. I have RTW Gieves' garments from 2006 that are still part of my work wardrobe; Gieves and E&R both use Wensum. With proper care and rotation, they should get many years of usage.
I really like that wall-clock, does any know if it is available in the UK?
Even if you went to the same store and they offered the same cloth as suit seperates, there can still be a difference. You can find very slight differences between banches of the same cloth woven in the same pattern; however, one can argue that it can be very difficult to spot the differences.
Yoox is very strange, when it comes to payments . The first time I made on order, over £500, they suspended my order until I sent them some information because they felt that £500+ was a lot for a first time order. I missed out on a sports jacket, although they did redeem themself when a pair of trousers did not fit from the order.
If the Austin Reed (Regent St.) sale is still on, they have Church's for under £200 and Cheaneys for under £140 If anyone is planning to visit Bicester Village, worth calling Church's (and some of the other stores) beforehand; the staff can tell you what shoes they have in your size.
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