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Does anyone know who makes the mtm shirts for E&R and or N&L? I want to get a gift for someone and would like to get them a mtm shirt - E&R provide shirt cloth in a gift box and the person goes to a E&R store to get measured up, they can also change the cloth if they like; while N&L offer a gift voucher. E&R mtm was £135 (not sure of current price); whereas, N&L start at £150 according to their website. Thanks in advance.
I popped in today - very limited stock, shop assistant mentioned sourcing own shirt cloth and they can make a shirt for £65. He did suggest speaking with Erlend about detachable collars and also about sourcing cloth.
The City Cobbler on City Road - near Moorfield Eye Hospital/Old Street Station
Save your money and leave the buttons alone. I have jackets (sport jackets and suit jackets) with and without working buttons, it does not make a difference; it does seem nicer when putting the jacket on, but I forget about it afterwards. If I am getting a bespoke jacket or suit made, I would want working buttons; however, would not spend the money on tailoring for rtw jackets. Spend the money on decent scotch, Cuban cigars and hookers instead
I like the look and the same with grey suit and grey tie, for a work suit - simple look with a plain white, striped white or plain pale shirt.
£2k is not a tight budget. You will find a lot of mtm and bespoke in that price range. Difficult to suggest someone without knowing the style you want
Richard James
I have been using a Tefal iron with steam generator for about about 5.5yrs, I doubt that I will go back to an iron or stream iron.
Braces - plain white TM Lewin braces work for me Pocket squares - stocked up a few years ago, £15 a piece from Duchamp; never understood the need for expensive pocket squares. Collar stays - Hackett sell bone collar stays for £5/pair, do not see the point of expensive mop or silver stays. As for Bresciani socks I think they are worth the cost although I get them from the Edward Green sales for about £10.
They are not pre-Prada - the hint is the Milan name along with London, Paris, New York. Last is 81
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