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I popped in today - very limited stock, shop assistant mentioned sourcing own shirt cloth and they can make a shirt for £65. He did suggest speaking with Erlend about detachable collars and also about sourcing cloth.
The City Cobbler on City Road - near Moorfield Eye Hospital/Old Street Station
Save your money and leave the buttons alone. I have jackets (sport jackets and suit jackets) with and without working buttons, it does not make a difference; it does seem nicer when putting the jacket on, but I forget about it afterwards. If I am getting a bespoke jacket or suit made, I would want working buttons; however, would not spend the money on tailoring for rtw jackets. Spend the money on decent scotch, Cuban cigars and hookers instead
I like the look and the same with grey suit and grey tie, for a work suit - simple look with a plain white, striped white or plain pale shirt.
£2k is not a tight budget. You will find a lot of mtm and bespoke in that price range. Difficult to suggest someone without knowing the style you want
Richard James
I have been using a Tefal iron with steam generator for about about 5.5yrs, I doubt that I will go back to an iron or stream iron.
Braces - plain white TM Lewin braces work for me Pocket squares - stocked up a few years ago, £15 a piece from Duchamp; never understood the need for expensive pocket squares. Collar stays - Hackett sell bone collar stays for £5/pair, do not see the point of expensive mop or silver stays. As for Bresciani socks I think they are worth the cost although I get them from the Edward Green sales for about £10.
They are not pre-Prada - the hint is the Milan name along with London, Paris, New York. Last is 81
I have had two jackets from them: i. suit jacket - straight pockets and ii. tweed jacket - slanted pockets with ticket pocket. Both jackets were made how I requested. They seem open-minded, so their response about the pockets is very surprising. Whatever product or method you selected should not matter, if you asked for straight pockets, they should have made straights pockets. If it was a sports jacket, I would ask for a discount and maybe even on a non-work suit;...
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