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Where did you get the £700 mtm suits from? That would help with the suggestions
When getting trousers made the tailor would/should take that into account your big thighs and make trousers that reduce thigh rub. I have big thighs and in the past have had many trousers wear out because of thigh rub. With suits, get spare trousers as well; with any suit that I get now, I always order spare trousers. Despite the reviews, you should still speak with Graham Browne. Another option is Cad & The Dandy (similar price range), who I have used and recently got...
I prefer the cufflink hole in the centre, as it just about hides the cufflinks under a jacket sleeve; whereas, a cufflink hole closer the the edge, would make the cufflinks visible/more-visible.
I wear oxfords with smart odd-jackets and trousers - some of my oxfords are not black (i.e. midnight blue, old rose, chameleon)
Tailors do sometimes miss the baste fitting but should not for new customers.
Does anyone know who makes the mtm shirts for E&R and or N&L? I want to get a gift for someone and would like to get them a mtm shirt - E&R provide shirt cloth in a gift box and the person goes to a E&R store to get measured up, they can also change the cloth if they like; while N&L offer a gift voucher. E&R mtm was £135 (not sure of current price); whereas, N&L start at £150 according to their website. Thanks in advance.
I popped in today - very limited stock, shop assistant mentioned sourcing own shirt cloth and they can make a shirt for £65. He did suggest speaking with Erlend about detachable collars and also about sourcing cloth.
The City Cobbler on City Road - near Moorfield Eye Hospital/Old Street Station
Save your money and leave the buttons alone. I have jackets (sport jackets and suit jackets) with and without working buttons, it does not make a difference; it does seem nicer when putting the jacket on, but I forget about it afterwards. If I am getting a bespoke jacket or suit made, I would want working buttons; however, would not spend the money on tailoring for rtw jackets. Spend the money on decent scotch, Cuban cigars and hookers instead
I like the look and the same with grey suit and grey tie, for a work suit - simple look with a plain white, striped white or plain pale shirt.
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