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You should avoid traditional work suit shades (i.e. navy, charcoal), it is your wedding after all, in my opinion. Have you considered mid-grey, blue, black and white glen check - they are shades that very re-useable although away from work environment. I do dislike the styles above; however, maybe it is the right occasion to go for something fashion-forward (while keeping more traditional cuts for your work suits and formal-wear).
An intern with a nice new wardrobe, you may give the wrong impression. If you really want new suits and shirts, then get the following: 2 suits, both with spare trousers 4 shirts 4 ties (if required) Check out places like TM Lewin, £800 would be enough: Suit with spares trousers from about £300 Shirts are 4 for £100 Ties 4 for under £100 As you will be an intern; would smart trousers, shirt, and black shoes not be enough? You will probably be just better of getting...
If you want to wear navy shoes: Turtleneck - wine Trousers - charcoal grey
4th suit - plain charcoal 5th suit - patterned navy by getting a charcoal suit first, you would have two conservative suits in different shades (rather then two navy conservative suits)
Shirt - ercu, pink, light blue or a very light lilac (you could maybe go for white) Tie - grey would work, although not a dark grey from the pics
If you are talking about Paul Stuart bespoke then that, otherwise the one suit option and I would go to Italy to get it made. I rarely need to wear a suit to work and I have enough non-work suits.
"What if my suit requires an alteration? We are extremely proud of very high levels of accuracy. However, should your suit require 'tweaking', we will have one of our tailors (some of whom are ex Savile Row) make the necessary alterations for you, in house and at no extra cost. These alterations usually take 7-10 days to complete. In some instances we may decide to make a garment again for you. Tailoring is an art not a science, and we are very proud of our devotion to...
Buy another suit and or get morning formal wear; cap-toe oxfords should only been worn with a suit. You may getaway with wearing them with a smart jacket and trouser combo; however, it will look like you own only one pair of shoes.
You could get a mtm jacket made for less than half the Fendi price, or under £1k for a bespoke version MTM Timothy Everest is a good option; so would Cad & The Dandy, who have a contemporary style.
Go for dark grey/charcoal trousers, medium grey waistcoat and a navy jacket
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