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Although it may seem a strange request, how different would it be if someone tucked in the flaps on the hacked pockets? Personally, if the pockets are hacked then I leave the flaps out; otherwise, they are ticked in. I have tried tucking in flaps on hacked pockets - if I forget about it, then fine; however, when I would think about it, the flaps would be tucked out.
I have found bargains; however, more recently, not as many bargains as before (e.g. Turnbull & Asser cashmere sweaters for £100) Harrods own brand is disappointing (quality vs price), the only thing I have is a silk/wool dark grey tie, which was half-price. It is no surprise they always have a lot own brand garments and accessories on sale.
On Church's shoes, it is size/width/last 9.5 (size) E (narrow width, F is their standard width for UK shoes)
5th, 6th & 7th DECEMBER 2013 *New Premises* 3 Haberdasher Street London N1 6ED (Nearest tube, Old Street, Exit 1) Thursday 5th - 10:00 - 19:00 Friday 6th - 10:00 - 19:00 Saturday 7th - 10:00 - 18:00 Up to 70% off retail price No returns policy
Could the same not be said about a waistcoat? Or is the Tom Ford look very popular in the Chinese business world?If you want go tie-less then wear a two-piece suit. I remember starting a new job about six years ago, I wore a tie Mon-Thurs and went tie-less on Friday; and on the Friday I was told not to wear a tie from now on. Two-piece suit with no tie, is very common in London.It could work with a casual cloth; however, not sure if a casual cloth would be suited for...
You should avoid traditional work suit shades (i.e. navy, charcoal), it is your wedding after all, in my opinion. Have you considered mid-grey, blue, black and white glen check - they are shades that very re-useable although away from work environment. I do dislike the styles above; however, maybe it is the right occasion to go for something fashion-forward (while keeping more traditional cuts for your work suits and formal-wear).
An intern with a nice new wardrobe, you may give the wrong impression. If you really want new suits and shirts, then get the following: 2 suits, both with spare trousers 4 shirts 4 ties (if required) Check out places like TM Lewin, £800 would be enough: Suit with spares trousers from about £300 Shirts are 4 for £100 Ties 4 for under £100 As you will be an intern; would smart trousers, shirt, and black shoes not be enough? You will probably be just better of getting...
If you want to wear navy shoes: Turtleneck - wine Trousers - charcoal grey
4th suit - plain charcoal 5th suit - patterned navy by getting a charcoal suit first, you would have two conservative suits in different shades (rather then two navy conservative suits)
Shirt - ercu, pink, light blue or a very light lilac (you could maybe go for white) Tie - grey would work, although not a dark grey from the pics
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