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I will be in central London in 3/4 weeks time, will check up on the shop again to see their new stock; the only thing that did tempt me was the smoking jacket (did not check price) but I am always tempted when I see a nice smoking jacket.
Get the sleeve shortened from the shoulders, it will cost more but if you shorten it from the sleeve end, it will not look good because of the cloth. By shortening it from the shoulders, the buttons and faux button-holes will be left alone.
They have 3 styles at the moment; however, there will be getting more coming shortly with the 4th style being delivered some time next week. Besides trousers, sweaters, accessories etc, they have some polos, shirts, coats, dark navy smoking jacket and morning formal wear. It is a nice shop and it is more of a 'weekend-wear' shop - wear your bespoke A&S suits in the week and for your more casual weekend-wear go to Clifford Street. Interestingly no jackets, they think the...
£680+ - I would emphasise the plus. In Dec 2011, I saw some EG-made shoes (in calfskin) in the £7xx price mark. I cannot comment on all shoes Edward Green make for Foster but nearly 18 months on, the prices would have increased too. From what I saw and liked, decided to continue buying from EG directly.
Yes, but we cannot called it 'Fresco' and it is made by JJ Minnis. It is not as rough as Fresco, which is why I would prefer it for a summer work suit. If someone was looking for a non-work suit, a sports jacket or odd-trousers, I think Fresco works well.I considered both books for summer odd-trousers and both had their advantages.
Personally, I do not like Fresco as a work suit cloth; for summer odd-trousers they are fine. For a suit, I prefer Holland & Sherry's Crispaires over Fresco; you could consider getting both suits from tropical wool cloth. The best thing to do, would be to look at the swatches in person; you may like Fresco.
With spare trousers, a rotation of four suits would last a fortnight. If suits do need to get dry cleaned, do two at a time and that still leaves a week's rotation (2 jackets, 4 trousers).Work trousers take a 'battering' compared to the jacket, even if one keeps their jacket on. I would never get a work suit without spare trousers, the only except possibly being summer suits (which are not really needed in the UK anyway except for a few months at best)
Get a plain navy suit and a plain or patterned charcoal suit (assuming your current suit is plain); both with spare trousers. If you really want a med-grey suit instead of charcoal, you could do that as well. Long-term, you will need 4 three-season suits & rotation of 2 suits for summer. More long term, you could add wintet suits; however, personally, do not think it is required, depending on climate.
From what I have read, the trousers are about £350. I do like the idea of a trousers shop, especially when considering buying bespoke sports jackets and then getting 2/3 trousers per jacket. However, £350 is a lot for RTW (not as expensive as Tom Ford, remember seeing a pair of Tom Ford trousers in Harrods for £520 five years ago) when they are 'bespoke' options by the likes of Sims starting at only £40 more. I have been planning to go the shop the last few times I have...
What option did you go for; bespoke or one of the mtm options
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