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From what I have read, the trousers are about £350. I do like the idea of a trousers shop, especially when considering buying bespoke sports jackets and then getting 2/3 trousers per jacket. However, £350 is a lot for RTW (not as expensive as Tom Ford, remember seeing a pair of Tom Ford trousers in Harrods for £520 five years ago) when they are 'bespoke' options by the likes of Sims starting at only £40 more. I have been planning to go the shop the last few times I have...
What option did you go for; bespoke or one of the mtm options
Lilac (also: pink, ecru, and you could consider light grey)
Better pics of the suit jacket
I have lost some weight since the jackets were made. The trousers for the suit, do need to be taken in; however, looking to get brace buttons added and a matching waistcoat made. The first time I went to Cad & The Dandy, it was at their Castle Court location where I also met Jon; the following two visits where at Chittleborough & Morgan on Savile Row. Not the best pics, should have taken them without sweater - will take some pics without a sweater for the suit...
Jon did cut my suit; however, I am not sure about the tweed jacket as it is a mtm product
They have quoted me 8 weeks for two pairs of trousers - they did mention they normally require 4 weeks but at the moment 8 weeks would be more realistic.
No, you are confusing lining with canvas - http://www.styleforum.net/t/269171/canvas-and-suit-construction, read the first post. http://www.cadandthedandy.co.uk/tailored-suits - this explains the different C&TD options Go and speak with Cad & The Dandy, you can see garments they have made for other customers; do the same with Tweed Addict. We cannot make your mind up, we can advise you of the options and help guide you; however, the final decision should be yours.
Cad & The Dandy tweed jacket, MTM, Half hand-stitched*, Full-canvass, Jonhston of Elgin cloth 20/21oz *Half hand-stiched is normally a half-canvas garment; however, because I also purchased a suit at the time, they upgraded it to full-canvass
New Posts  All Forums: