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As far as I know, Sims only offer bespoke; and machine-stitiching is not a bad thing - do not confuse bespoke with hand stitching Keep the process simple, do not source your own tweed. Both will have access to a lot of tweed cloths, unless you want something unique. You need to decide if you want to pay £800 more for hand-stitching. From your post, it seems you should go with Sims; however, it would be helpful to know your suit experience.
with 3 suits, I would budget more for tailoring costs
I wish I had checked SF earlier (been away), would have attended. Hopefully, it is a great success and you have another pop-up latter in the year.
My only experience with Barkers is a pair of Arnold purchased six years ago. The sole did last longer then I expected; however, not worth resoling. If on a tight budget or starting out, they are worth considering; however, I would rather spend a bit more on Cheaney.
Don't do it, get a three-piece suit next time
General point - Huntsman do traditionally cut a longer length jacket Specific point - It is bespoke jacket made for someone else, it was not made for you
With that shirt - 4 If you wore a much lighter blue shirt - 1, 4, 5, 6
There a few threads on Moonbeam, if you use the search function. Why Moonbeam for a suit, more suitable for sport jackets Agree with ET that about your first bespoke suit; add charcoal grey to the list as well, although I think mid-grey is the best option As for M&M, did you discuss your prefered style with them or did they recommend Fred after having a general chat.
Why not get it made bespoke from other tailors. Cad & dandy, graham brown, or one of the tailors on and around lamb conduit street. You get bespoke but no sr bespoke In this way, you can get a fitting as well
What type of style do you like & your max budget? This will help narrow it down to 3/4 options, visit the tailors & choose the one you prefer
New Posts  All Forums: