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Church's sold shoes in correct grain before the Prada take-over (I have a pair)Many shoes had and have the options of calf or polished binder without an upcharge for the former - people are not forced to stick with corrected grainJust because a leather is correct grain does not make it crapA few years ago I was spoking with Church's about making four mto shoes in their Royal Collection and making them without a medallion pattern on all the shoes. Although they had to...
On Saturday I collected a pair of C&J shoes, I gave Kokos for a full resole - great job, channelled soles and no silly waiting times either. C&J had quoted £16 more and a much longer waiting time, if I thought the shoes could require a second full resole I would have sent them to C&J. I did get a local clobber resole two pair of shoes for £30 each; never again, I learnt my lesson.
Oliver Sweeney: crap leather, crap construction and if it is raining, best to leave them indoors. I cannot comment on the current quality of JW shoes; however, the ones I purchased in 2006 were decent quality.
I have had a pair of JW shoes resoled by a local clobber From what I have seen from Oliver Sweeney, a dog urinating on them would be the best thing for them.
By formal, do you mean the British view (i.e. black tie) or American (i.e. work wear)?Whatever view it is, wear what you like- braces are not supposed to be seen; however, on the chance that they may be seen, keep it simple (like plain white).TM Lewin have decent braces £25-30, I think they are made by Albert Thurston but not to the same quality as 'Albert Thurston' branded braces.
I will be in central London in 3/4 weeks time, will check up on the shop again to see their new stock; the only thing that did tempt me was the smoking jacket (did not check price) but I am always tempted when I see a nice smoking jacket.
Get the sleeve shortened from the shoulders, it will cost more but if you shorten it from the sleeve end, it will not look good because of the cloth. By shortening it from the shoulders, the buttons and faux button-holes will be left alone.
They have 3 styles at the moment; however, there will be getting more coming shortly with the 4th style being delivered some time next week. Besides trousers, sweaters, accessories etc, they have some polos, shirts, coats, dark navy smoking jacket and morning formal wear. It is a nice shop and it is more of a 'weekend-wear' shop - wear your bespoke A&S suits in the week and for your more casual weekend-wear go to Clifford Street. Interestingly no jackets, they think the...
£680+ - I would emphasise the plus. In Dec 2011, I saw some EG-made shoes (in calfskin) in the £7xx price mark. I cannot comment on all shoes Edward Green make for Foster but nearly 18 months on, the prices would have increased too. From what I saw and liked, decided to continue buying from EG directly.
Yes, but we cannot called it 'Fresco' and it is made by JJ Minnis. It is not as rough as Fresco, which is why I would prefer it for a summer work suit. If someone was looking for a non-work suit, a sports jacket or odd-trousers, I think Fresco works well.I considered both books for summer odd-trousers and both had their advantages.
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