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Make it look less like a suit jacket and more like a sports jacket.
Change the buttons and wear with jeans
If you want Church's, stick to the conserative styles, e.g. cap-toes. My work shoes are black Church's, all are oxfords except one pair (which is a triple sole)
Bicester Village - yes Westfield - just go into central London instead If you do not find anything at Bicester Village; walk down Jermyn Street, you will have options like TM Lewin that are within your budget - if no luck, Marks & Spencers on Oxford Street (near Selfridges)
Even though you say it is an informal wedding, wear a plain tie - if you really wanted to keep it casual, a navy plain knit. As for the pocket square (assuming you wear a tie) plain white cotton in tv-fold.
Summer suit - no Summer casual odd-trousers - if you want As for going sockless, only with casual odd-trousers (in my opinion); looks silly with suits
In the last 6 weeks I have had three shoes full resoled (with toe segs) by Kokos Crockett & Jones for Kilgour (loafer): also got: repaired inside the heel rear Cheaney for Gieves & Hawkes (oxford): also got: new laces, new insoles Cheaney (derby) - also got: new laces, new insoles, scuffed toes repaired All three cost the same price and were ready within two weeks, they only bad point is that they do not call to confirm the shoes are ready even though they promised this...
A plain shirt would be a lot better, e.g. pale lilac, if you want to avoid plain white and no pocket square
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