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Single cuffs - prefer round but do have some square cuffs. Dislike mitre cuff Double cuffs - square only
TM Lewin, for size 52r there are four suits, the cheapest £249 http://www.tmlewin.co.uk/All-Suits/Mens-Suit-Bundles,en_GB,sc.html#http://www.tmlewin.co.uk/All-Suits/Mens-Suit-Bundles,en_GB,sc.html?prefn1=chestSize&prefv1=52%22
They look dark enough to seem black
Have you considered light grey and mid-grey in tropical wool. I think your normal work attire is fine. I was staying in the biz district in dubai last year & they have a bit more relaxed attitude to work attire due to the weather.. If I was there I would wear button down shirts with chinos or more likely tropical wool in light shades like light grey and tan. I would not wear a jacket on a daily basis.
I have over a dozen G&H shirts. They are good shirts but not at £125 each. They used to have shirts on sale for '3 for 2' when their shirts were £75-95 depending on cloth or 3 for £150. They used to have more variety in terms of style: sinle button cuff, two button cuff, sone casual shirts had buttonsin different positions, differrent collars, most shirts had subgle neck button but some had two. The current sale 2 for £150 is nit that great. Go ti Bicester Village £50...
I do not see an issue with, especially when you consider some people wear navy blazers all-year-round I have a dark brown sports jacket (quarter lined) that I do wear in the summer (spring and early autumn depending on weather). I can understand why people are against it very dark shades; however, consider if the cloth does not wear 'warm', combined with light coloured trousers (e.g. light grey, sky blue, tan ,etc) and a light shirt. Cloth is very important too, you...
Both not only have sales, but also have outlet shops at Bicester Village. What are you specifically looking for from the brands
It seems you have three things to consider: 1. rtw Scabal altered, 2. Scabal mtm & 3 CATD bespoke The reasons why I mention Scabal rtw are because you liked the suit, you could consider this route and get the suit altered; and taking your deadline into account. The disadvantage being if you can ask something specific outside their rtw styles In terms of the other two, CATD will give you a fitting for the jacket whereas the mtm will be made to finish. The disadvantage...
NAVY SUIT: White shirt - yes Black shoes & belt - yes Black tie - depends, on the pattern and the suit cloth. It can work but it can go completely wrong too Personally with a plain white shirt, I would suggest a patterned navy tie if the suit is plain
I am not talking about Duchamp's styling or dandy status, the question is about their quality. I like Duchamp pocket squares and own many but most of their range (clothing, shirts, ties, etc) is not my taste. The reason why I mentioned the sale prices is because currently Duchamp have a sale, the sale prices can be ignored and we can look at Duchamp at their retail prices.
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