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As mentioned, i. budget, ii. why no jacket Another issue to consider is that tailors/shirtmakers get busy from Spring. Depending when in the summer the wedding is, you may need to book something soon. A two-piece suit in a casual shade would be a lot better than a waistcoat/trouser comno
Not a good idea Spend that money on mtm with someone location, or if you find something rtw that works for you get it tailored. If you really want a British 'brand' then many tailors do visit the United States and many offer mtm - personally, avoid this.
1. depends on cloth, seems fine 2. one black, one brown 3. one charcoal or med/dark grey, one navy 4. you would need at least one white shirt , probably maybe even more, consider lilac as well - 2 white, 2 blue, 2 lilac 5. if you want TO NOTE: 1. You will need at least 5 ties 2. When buying suits, consider spare trousers
Ideally, no; however, still ok, as long as you follow a set routine (pair 1, pair 2, pair 3; repeat)
As above.If your budget allows, go for Lesser 11oz cloth - I have two suits from this book for all-year-round-wear
Have you considered flannel, they feel warmer compared to worsted wool? From my own experience, there is not much difference between 14oz and 16oz cloth; however, i have tried 18oz - it would feel warmer, but how much warmer I do not know. Are you just looking at rtw options?
I do like the grey suit/grey tie look, and the same applies to blue/navy. The pattern of the suit and tie are important than the colour. I would wear a plain blue or navy suit with a blue/navy patterned tie, matched with a plain shirt. If the shirt is patterned, e.g. striped, then it is important it does not clash with the tie. You could wear a navy patterned suit with a navy patterned tie, but in this scenario a plain shirt is best. If you want to go further and wear a...
When I had a look at their shop last year, a lot of garments were made in Italy; the quality was good but more expensive then similar quality elsewhere. Since then, they have added more items based on what I have seen online. If you are looking for cashmere sweaters, have a look at Turnbull & Asser £195 or two for £300 (sleeveless £145 each or two for £200).
When I was looking for alterations tailor open on weekends found H. M. TTailoring. They altered four jackets for me: 2 from sleeves 1 from shoulders On a casual jacket shorten sleeve end & re-attach cuff. They are also available on sundays but appointment only. However; I have not used them since 2008. Recently I did give Cad & Dandy some alteration work when getting trousers made. Jacket altered from shoulders and coat from sleeve end.
Look at suit separates rather than paired jacket and trousers suit combo - this is allows you to get the best available jacket and trousers, and also helps reduce alteration costs
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