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Can we do it for $150?
Brand New: Naked & Famous WeirdGuy Indigo Selvedge Size 34 Looking for something in a size 33. I'm interested in brands like APC, LVC, Lee.
I'm training for a sprint tri as well and I've noticed I'm ravenous after strength training. I'm still figuring out my diet, and how much of what will keep going without feeling like shit or bonking. Seems to me, that since your diet is shitty, you're gaining muscle and strength from it. I noticed when I ate shitty, and I did a 5x5 heavy lift workout routine I gained a lot of strength and some muscle. Maybe thats happening to you as well. (take my words with a grain...
5 mi and 1 mi swimming
Quote: Originally Posted by TrailofTears +1, especially the dark gray jeans +2.. dammnnnit
[quote=lazyhead;1686505] Where to kop online??
i really like these rag & bone boots, but i've never seen them in person, so it makes it hard to pull the trigger.
black sneakers white socks
1. jack purcells 2. slip on vans 3. clarks db 4. b. rep crews/v's 5. apc ns 6. cheap monday slim grey jeans 7. shades of greige zip up jacket 8. all-son bomber jacket 9. leather double ring belt 10. stussy military cap 11. stussy og michael prescription glasses
here's mine MWF: Bent Over Rows Lat raises Bench Squats Deadlifts Shoulder Press Dips Pull Ups -And depending on how i feel and how much time i got, i mix in: 10 min hiit or i bike to the gym light ab workouts between exercises I switch it up with different exercises that relate to the movements i've mentioned above as well as mixing up weight/reps distribution. Tu/Th Abs Cardio - Light 20min cardio HIIT - 10 min Sat/Sun I bike and...
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