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PM'ed Ed. You have to be quick and awake at the time or they go quick. I was refreshing the original trunk post and nearly missed this one
Where are the XS sizes?
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo So, now that the OJ juice is on the way, what have we all decided on next: Knize 10, Le Labo, or some other shit? Popularity seems to be swaying towards Knize. Any other suggestions before I make this a done deal? Quote: Originally Posted by bandrus1 go with the knize.. seemed like a lot of interest I guess id be in for some before I committed to a whole bottle +1 with the...
alexia (word blindness) - losing the ability to read?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kappelan +1 Would like it without the date window though.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrInvariant Be sure to give the OTC length a try. You will never look back... I have tried the OTC. Purchased some to try with the midcalf. Maybe because I short legs but can't get use to them.
+1 uniqlo. Perfect sizing for me. Was in Melbourne Central yesterday and had a browse in United Colours of Benetton - the quality has really gone down hill since 10 years ago and cut is tent shape. Bossini which was cheap and ok is now cheap and really poor quality. Witchery is disappointing except some items when 60/70% off. Like Saba (and Sportscraft) made in china but better quality than the rest. For casual items I like Arthur Galan but a hit and miss at times and...
Quote: Originally Posted by aleksandr Define 'shortly'? Its been 12 hours And Ed updated it 3 hours ago with whats left
Ties: #5, #9, #10 and bowties: woolrich and grey birdseye. PM sent
Quote: Originally Posted by Gibonius It's too bad the wool-silk and the wool socks are only over the calf length. I'd be interested in calf length versions of both. +1 to Mid Calf.
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