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thanks guys! Actually after doing a search for "Bead bracelet" it is actually called a Shamballa bracelet. Unfortunately I can't find one like that with glossy round and yellowish alternating beads.
So no one could help me figure out what this is?
Hey guys, I need some help please. I know some of you may not think much about this, but I have been wanting to get this bracelet for a while. I see many people wearing them but have no idea what they are called or even where to get them. They seem pretty cool to me especially for the summer beach and casual wear. I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me out. I was able to crop these two pics of it. Thanks much in advance. It is the large round one that...
Any chance you have some left over? I just found out about this cologne and would really like to try some. Please let me know, thank you.
Ben: I am still looking for a suit and still waiting for you to have a SOLID NAVY Slim Lucente model in stock. It is almost 3 months since you said you would have them stock and I don't see them available yet. I will be needing it within the next 2 months, so please let me know if it was canceled or if you plan on having it at all. Thank you.
Great news, looking forward to this. Do you guys do alterations as well? I am from NY so it would be great to just come over try it on and have the experts fit it to me right away...
how wide is tie #6? Thanks.
Hi guys, I see these suits are getting very good reviews and since I am in the market for a suit I would have loved to try them out. I am interested in the "lucente" slim model and I am a 40r... This is my first workhorse suit so I was planning it to be solid navy. But it seems like they only have black shadow stripes etc... They do not have any of the standard basic suit colors at all. I have found some old threads that kept tha they're going to be getting a...
Ughh I just submitted an order. But I could always cancel I'm in for the group buy! At half price, I might even pick up an extra in a differnt color, if it fits me right.
I was always wondering what the dimple in the shoulder area meant as I'm shopping for suits... Does that mean the shoulders in the suit aren't wide enough? Pads too big?
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