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One brand that isn't very well-known (well, I had never heard of them before I bought them), but makes great speakers is Klipsch. I don't know much about them but I used to have some in my room and they were amazing. I sold them after I got a 5.1 surround sound system though.
Quote: Originally Posted by jcriswel Here we have one jumping and wearing a tight suit. For the right frame, the newer slimmed down suits look good to me. +1 I'm kinda small, (5'11", 145), and I like my clothes to FIT. Anything that's nearly close to being "big" is almost repulsive to me
Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey 2) Find a good tailor. Not all suits, jackets, shirts and pants will fit you off the rack. You can do wonders with mid-range clothes tailored to fit you. You will spend a little more on alterations, but the end result will be that your clothes will look like they were made for you. DEFINITELY. I see way too many guys wearing clothes that just don't fit them.
My friend Heather got me a bottle of Very Sexy for Him... from Victoria's Secret. Have they always had men's stuff? I was not aware... But anyway, it smells GREAT, I get a ton of compliments on it.
Quote: Originally Posted by dganderson This watch was a gift from one of my clients. Not something that I would have picked out but it's get's some wear from time to time. Anybody familiar with Jean Pierre Lepine? I've never heard of it but I love it. Where could I get one?
Well, the funny thing is... I'm Puerto Rican, and I sell cocaine... So maybe they'll help business? But nah I was just thinking of wearing them with like, a dress shirt (sleeves rolled up), maybe a tie, and a pair of dark(er) jeans. Certainly not something you'd see everyday, but I've kinda got that "f**k the rules, I look good" sort of style. And noooo it's definitely not to wear at school, I only wear sneakers there. Pumas (best shoe ever, I've got 3 different...
Unless someone tells me to take off my shoes, they stay on for awhile. I'm not sure why anyone would find it rude, espescially since, often, my shoes are cleaner than most floors. All except for one or two pairs of my shoes just don't touch mud or dirt, ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint thanks. lucchese from somewhere in texas Yeah, they look pretty good. I've got some that look pretty similar, but they're Tony Lama. They were a gift, and they look great... I just can't find too many excuses to wear cowboy boots.
Vanilla latte every morning. 2 shots of espresso, an appropriate volume of steamed milk, and a pump or two of Torani vanilla syrup. AMAZING. I bought a Nespresso over break and absolutely love it. No more Starbucks!
So, I'm obviously new to the forum, and though I'll admit I do have an eye for style, my personal style probably isn't congruent with what exactly this forum is about, since about 75% of my clothes are from American Eagle. And my "nicer" stuff (dress shirts, suits, etc) is from menswear stores. Also, I'm 18, and most of the guys at my school seem to have no clue that fashion encompasses a bit more than what they wear to the gym. Anyway, I saw these white loafers at...
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