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No whisky here but I'm drinking Lapsang Souchon tea pretending its a peaty single malt. Avante guarde, au courant, out of date, retro, vintage, ancient Which are you?
You might enjoy living in Canberra then!
Compliments. Great colours. Deets on the glasses PoP.
tbm - not sure what you are saying re hats. Can you post again with different words? I have fair bit of experience passed on from my father who was a lifelong multiple hat man and diy experimenter like me. I also have slouch Army hat experience and boy scouts experience of obsessive shaping of hat.
I think only PoP wears a hat* when hes on the internet. edit: *tinfoil
Careful or I'll get PoP to stick a pink windowpane up your alley.
Tbm. Don't be tempted. I did notice that PoP has one now days. But I think he's getting the boy band back together.
Heh. K do you stick it up with soap?
I find proper wool/cashmere etc overcoats too heavy and hot for my purposes in melb. I've got rid of mine. I have raincoats, as the ever subtle PoP says. Even then I've pulled out the zip off lining and never use it. Maybe if I was wearing a light summer suit this morning I might use a heavier coat. But even that jacket I'm wearing above which is a Magee Donegal tweed wears very hot and I rarely wear a coat over it unless its high wind on a cold day or rain. I'd only get...
I upload porn.
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