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You finished uni foxy?
Uniglo has tons of that sort stuff - looked ok to meIn an ideal world a dark brown business brogue semi or even full brogue if its a business style and not clompy country style is great as a first and ONE SHOE - versatile.That BARKER brogue is more than fine. And a good price. I'd be careful though ordering shoes online isn't a good thing to do until you really know what you are doing. Better to pay a bit more and get the fitting right.I wouldn't stress though at all....
Testo - where you living? Also I would not stress out about clothes until you actually have a job. One decent outfit for interviews etc is enough.
Probably mostly correct. Melbourne has the best range in price and choice of most stuff. Shoes in particular. a few stores sell Loakes etc I even found a place that quietly stocks fair range of Cheaney shoes. If you can find a Florsheim store that has the full range - they have some shoes that are more than acceptable.At the casual end Mountfords often has decent desert boots and chukkas etc if you keep an eye out.Uniglo isn't bad for somethings, -good affordable cardies...
To: Ernesto, Gerry N, PoPFrom :: fxh [[SPOILER]]
Australian Clothing imports China $4.297 bn, 72.9% Bangladesh $ 353m, 6% India, $131m, 2.2% Italy $95m, 1.6% Indonesia $94m. 1.6% Rest of World $923m, 15.6% Source: Choice Magazine
Garry - nice colours.Complimenti. I hear that green cords are very au courant in Sydney!
Teggeh - I don't know about LOOKSMART that you will go to but they are a chain with standard prices. They vary from shop to shop on expertise.I see your location says Osaka too - if it was me I'd be getting my suit in Japan - if you can.
Wurger - nice colours. Complimenti. Are those ties vintage silk prints?
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