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Or 3 pints of Guinness...
Oli - you might go back and spoiler those HUGE pics in your post.I've got that exact same last watch and band on right now. Its my main semi biz/caz watch. I just happen to like it.As far as khaki gun belt webbing goes - ............... the nicest thing I could say is ...er um ..... I suppose its better than a camo one.I don't go for that stuff. Its a slippery slide - starts with a camo/webbing watch band, next thing you know, you are wearing a pheasant shooting english...
ooohhhhh watchit. She'll have you joined up with ISIS and we'll never see you again.Or with luck you could end up like Larry [[SPOILER]]
yeah I've seen a few tourists, and Ernesto, using those selfie sticks in the CBD lately.
The barber in Henry Bucks is downstairs.
lachy - giving yourself away by being in Smith St in the first place. Unless you are there for business outside the supermarket of course.
lachy - I,and others, can't wait to see many pics of shorts and swim togs and no socks.
ahh - brief, pithy to the point.Headed to Elba or St Helena?
I thought we agreed not to tell TBM?
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