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My nose is not much use on perfumes.I can't get sillage, dry down, longevity smells on myself. So I rely on others, like CD, who seem to understand. And Luca's ratings.
I don't own any - I'm probably not the target demographic. But I've inspected them closely and know others who have them. Quality is as good as you'll get anywhere at around +/- the price point.
Chance find at Opshops. I can't remember when I last (small shoe pun) paid more than $5 for shoe trees.I've got weird vintage ones, aluminium ones, tin ones, plastic ones and wooden ones - some varnished - some with weird screw and spring arrangements like steam punk - All good.I should pull them all out one day and take a pic
Watch out PoP will be all over this - he'll want a bulk discount. He'll probably want to PM you about your My Little Pony collection too.
As others said I noticed MJ BALE had a few cotton jackets to choose from. No idea how they fit.I have known people like JM says, who have arranged with Lee Baron to hop straight off plane and go to measure appt. then basting a few days later within a week and either pick up suit or ship suit soon after.
I've never used Katrina's but I know many here who have and a few women who originally put me on to them. The "original" Katrina's was Kim & her husband, forget his name, up off Bourke St in a lane just around from American Tailors. They sold it at one stage. But reports were still ok. Its now (well the name) shifted to Flinders Lane between Elizabeth & Queen. Its also called/associated with Berenson Tailors which offers MTM suits etc. I don't know the full story but I can...
Temple of Jawns Uniqlo 3Sixteen Alden
The general rule - well my general rule - is that the shoes should not be the focus of the outfit.They should not draw the gaze of the onlooker.They should provide a solid platform for the rest of the body and outfit to look comfortable and not badly /tenuously anchored to earth or conversely not look as if weighed down and too clompy. This will be modified by many things, not the least being body type ( heavy or light) , height, time of day, context etc.Darker shoes than...
Peaked vs notched is a bit of a non issue. Possible to argue peaked is slightly more "formal" But really all nuanced arguments are off point - the guy is a train wreck trying to look "casual" in an ill fitting worsted suit - he's neither fish nor fowl. He should lose the suit and wear jeans and sneakers and t shirt and 4 days growth like all the rest of the sloppy ABC staffers.
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