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774 ABC Melbourne 4 hrs · One of our favourite sports reporters Steve Pearce has been spotted in the newsroom wearing a blue suit with brown shoes. ‪#‎Red‬ has declared this a fashion faux pas. What do you think? What sartorial trends have you seen that you find confounding or simply wrong? Thanks for being a good sport, Steve! 774 ABC Melbourne's photo. https://www.facebook.com/774ABCMelbourne/
Firmin. I have blokes, some who are old enough to know better, but have only worn Sneakers who insist they are size 11 in shoes. But in fact fit a 9 or 9.5 in proper leather shoes. It's a hard Road from boy to man
I was taking the piss re Scottish food. My brother lives there. I do agree though anything vaguely "ethnic" is done very badly. Traditional food is done well. Haggis is great. Roasts are good. Some fish is great. Some chips great othes shite. Breakfast black pud great.
At one stage I lived in Bendigo for 6 years. Despite being one of the earliest Chinese settlements in Australia and having a great Chinese Museum (recommended) it had the worst Chinese food I have ever had. I tried almost every restaurant in town - it was all Australianised bland shit and most of them also did Steak & Eggs & Chips badly! Worst of both worlds.
I'm always fascinated by people who travel but won't eat the local food. I just don't get it. Even if you only stuck to say steamed rice or noodles or dumplings - its not as if that food is strange in any way. Sure you don't have to like everything locals like but although I haven't travelled as much as many I haven't been anywhere the food was inedible. Well Scotland, maybe, but other than that.
The wood cedar or otherwise will not really absorb any great degree of moisture from the shoe.Dry newspaper stuffed into it will absorb sweat to an extent if you sweat excessively.The shoe tree helps prevent the sole from curling up into pixie shoes, tends to straighten out the creases in the shoe and stop the leather shrinking.For those tasks the approximately correctly sized tree is best, but mostly the tree straightens the shoe out.For the actual tasks the shoe tree...
PoP & Ernesto's Artisanal Organic Cedar Handmade Shoe Trees. Coming Soon - Affiliate thread on SF. .
I've always been keen to understand the science of how wood shoe trees absorb the moisture from shoes and yet don't form a moisture equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere/room.
Sorry didn't realise it s was GF originally. I take it all back- he might snot me.Not that I couldn't take him on.He might win but I'd hurt him a lot before I went down.
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