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Its always been around but the hippy/greenie sustainability mob have been smitten by it for some time lately. The anti bacterial properties are often touted. But they are weak/minimal in untreated fibre and destroyed in treated. Paradoxically it often has chemical anti bacterial stuff added later. Its not easy being green! People rarely realise that viscose is renewable and plant based and can be called natural.
Complicated question. Iirc There's bamboo fibre long and crushed pulped converted fibre . the latter can be/is called viscose. Viscose can also be wood pulp. These, and a few others, are called natural plant based manufactured materials. I'm not sure of the labeling laws, they are difficult to interpret at times, and it can depend what has precedence, country of origin of material, country of manufacture of garment or country of sale. But you know all that. Mostly it...
A fair few things. Underwear,pyjamas, a shirt or two. What's the problem?
I used to have a deep green flannel DB suit. Sadly gorn. But PoP will be all over this comp like herpes at an orgy. He has a few bright green cord suits and shoes.
many can be successfully done at home. Depends on the belt. Many can be shortened via buckle end, the best way, leaves no trace. Often there's a screw or device holding that end on. Or for a good job if its stitched you can undo stitches and re stitch. Or if its a belt with unstitched edges just chop of the end with holes with an sharp chisel . Bevel the edge punch new holes and Robert's your mother's brother.
Moneys too tight to mention?
I think its more Saturday night challenge.
Nabil, I'm unclear if you are/saying you wouldn't wear a bra with only some dresses or all dresses. Skirts too?
Interested in clothes? Check out the John Lennon movie on SBS now.
Thanks foxy thats great. Better make sure Oli gets this memo.I hear that next year they are bringing in stricter rules in Newcastle courts.No wife beater singlets, shorts and thongs.When they get the bench into line they'll introduce the same rules for the barrows and solicitors a year later.
New Posts  All Forums: