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Wrong.If they were as old as me they'd be on motorised 4 W scooters
There's a lot of uninformed rhetoric about books and publishing that only clouds the matter. Most authors don't have a fucking clue about business. That said the publishing world is opaque and confusing.
Wrong - hasn't passed senate yet
afaik iirc we already pay on digital purchases - certainly from bigger corporations like apple etc
I suspect places like Pediwear and Herring do enough business here and have a big enough set up for Canada and USA that they will do it fairly seamlessly.** ** before Gerry gets in - seamlessly - that would be a whole cut wouldn't it?
I think the books from Amazon/book depository are one thing that will be ok - it will just add GST. Amazon is big enough to register and mark clearly on outside so that AusPost and Customs will give it an auto pass and only hold it up a few days
This is sheer populism. Several reports over the years - Productivity Commission etc have shown that collecting GST on overseas purchases less than $1,000 will cost money. That is - it will cost more to collect the tax than the tax will bring in.The details aren't all that clear but it appears that O/S businesses with a turnover of less than $75,000 will not have to register. But businesses with a turnover above $75,000 will have to register AND collect taxes on behalf...
Wasn't my decision. But I can say that staying open till 6.30 pm - 7.00 pm didn't get a lot more people in. People tend to take an extended lunch hour or two or knock off about 4 pm or come in Saturday. The No 1 tram stops at front door and is only 10 mins from Flinders street.Thee will be a small stall at Camberwell Market on Sunday with some leftovers from sale.
Don't forget this - Thursday Night - usually a great night. Don't be afraid to come along if its your first time. We're a friendly old mob really. Increasingly this gathering is not just men.
Reminder. Good value. I'll try and give a quick description of a bit of the Mens stuff in teh next day or so. . There is a lot of new and near new shirts for sale. Mainly smart casual but good quality - Possibly $5 each. We keep almost every white or pale blue shirt for clients. There's some nice jackets and a small number high ish end suits.
New Posts  All Forums: