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Oh BTW - you wont be able to order Loakes from Herring to Australia. I think Herrings own shoes - often made by Loake - are better design and quality anyway. I also think, contrary to advice on other places on SF that the best (most versatile etc) first few real men's - as opposed to boys - shoes for someone starting out are city brogues - not too heavily brogued. One pair black + one pair dark brown (or burgundy in this case)
Without knowing your workplace its hard to say. I can say if I could get a squiz at your HR dress codes and see the people coming out of work at lunch time or after work I could tell you a lot. Almost exactly and immediately.But most places these days no one could tell if your shoes were leather or sneakers or whatever - let alone worry about captoes vs brogues vs burgundy. My experience with the big corporates these days is as a visitor presenting or customer - around...
Breward is a good writer and I have that book. However it might not be what people here would necessarily like. Its Cultural Theory.
Best places for cuff links is Opshops - some surprisingly good ones or especially antique markets they have millions of cuff links and not very expensive - like $25 - $50 for very very nice ones and some unusual ones. With all sorts of different fastenings. My mate has hundreds of those 70s ones with the chain/band link underneath - as well as other types - he used to collect/ buy them from eBay USA by the bagfull - about 20 or so - for around $20 . I have a soft spot for...
The only sensible way to retain Oli - would be to retain him in Remand.
As Henry Kett wrote “A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client”. The only thing more comical is a combination of JMan representing PoP.It would be the equivalent of England hiring Trump as the main consultant to ease them out of the EU.Or Essendon hiring a homoeopath advised by Tony MokbelOr Eddie Obeid heading up the Ethics Commission
Another outrageous character slur - this time not on me. coxsackie's clinic only looks abandoned.
This is an outrageous slur on my character - and I remind you the matter is still on appeal.
WIWT Only one of us can be trusted
Thanks. I'll check it out.Still not sure I can pay those prices for jeans. But they do have have highish rise.But I can't get my head around a Jean that will stretch 1.5inches in waist after 30 wears.First off , wtf is 30 wears and secondly how do you wear jeans 1.5 inches too small in waist?I'm too old for all this.I might have to get foxxy to mentor me on what the young folks do. oh the shame!
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