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I'm with you foxy.
Direct relationship with IQ
Trouble is DJs have hardly any Loakes at all these days and none from 1880 range last I swept through. Herring are good but foxy is talking about blokes who don't really want to think about these things. At all mostly. And will have only worn sneakers - which is a totally different experience. Just explaining to someone why a simple - ish black shoe without any fancy stuff or square toe is a good idea is hard enough. Most men ( and from what I observe perving observing -...
Guys like that really have to try them on - online is only for selected idiots. (no names - but you whistle and I'll point)The Floresheim store, (Russell & Bourke??) isn't all that bad for that sort of thing foxy. Put all iGent forum stuff out of your head, or modify it and get sensible for blokes like that. Actually I cant remember the Floresheim prices. Might be higher. Also Mountfords when they have a sale. But their different stores carry different lines, so its a bit...
I suppose now with all the denim hype you can get real black denim where the warp threads are white just like blue denim? I used to have them years ago and they had an interesting white against black fade in the main spots. I also used to have jeans with a double lapped stitched seam on the outside as well as inside. I don't see them around now, but my current denim knowledge is restricted to peering at people on PT and cafes.
OK youse two I'll take you on. How many baboons you could take in a fight armed only with a giant rubber dildo. http://theoatmeal.com/quiz/baboon_dildo
Urgent Shoe Advice needed - PoP, brownman? [[SPOILER]]
National OpShop Week.WIWWYesterday. Jacket, belt and trousers opshop. [[SPOILER]] Other various opshop finds that were handy when I had camera. [[SPOILER]]
So are they
I enjoyed watching it last night. I was never a huge fan. But a lot of that film didn't compute. During the time Rodriquez was supposedly untraceable in S. Efrica he was known and toured in Australia. Still I suppose it makes a good story.Edit:: he does come across as a very impressive and thoughtful individual. Not something you can say after watching most artist docos. They didn't mention that he obtained a Philosophy degree in the 80s. Another problem I had with the...
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