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Very true
No.I for one couldn't make this stuff up.
Bad news for PoP or April Fools Day jokeQantas' decision to enforce the "smart casual" dress code more strictly in its main capital city lounges has led to complaints from passengers refused entry for wearing thongs - including designer leather ones that had not been on the airline's initial list of banned clothing. [[SPOILER]]
They used to be the only place you could walk into a start flipping through a huge amount of up to date cloth books from Dormeuil, H&S etc without feeling pressured or rude.That comedian bloke has the (Irish version) Alcohol Geography Teacher look down without even trying.I wouldn't be using him in PR shots for suits.
JM - I think its a well established irrefutable rule that its only by the 11th suit that you can expect your Italian (a slightly different number for other nationalities or even Italian cities) tailor to have nailed your fit. Not only that it has also been scientifically demonstrated in peer review studies - or someones opinion on-line - that it takes 11 suits from any tailor to be able to compare their work to that of another tailor. Or to put it another way- to compare...
Not only hat it was revealed to be polyester and cotton after much disparaging of others who dared to suggest that fabric wasn't much chop.In fact the hero insisted it was rare and vintage (which reminds me of another forum ex- favourite)Finally, after thousands of words, a burn test showed even to the most knowledgeable clothes/style person in the world that yes this was indeed some shitty old roll of fabric containing polyesters from an old warehouse. But it was from...
we are all going to Europe in a month with the two kids this time!!!You must try for a Hermes Green Leather Breast Wallet whilst in Paris.http://www.styleforum.net/t/215158/mafoofan-struggles-to-buy-breast-wallet-at-hermes-arises-victorious/0_100In Italy I'd recommend getting measured up for a pair of the Worlds Most Perfect Pants - from Ambrosia or something. Get your kids measured up and then by the time they reach 21 years old the pants might have...
Uniglo is good but in Melbourne and some of their stuff is very bum freezer and tight. Still its only an hour on the train from Geelong to Melb Emporium. If you go there then its worth checking out Muji - limited range but good stuff if it that sot of thing appeals. H&M is worth a quick run through - occasionally they have acceptable stuff and its cheap. I do have to mention that Target has really upped its game. And from time to time you'll find decent cheap OK stuff...
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