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I gave it to PoP as it was defective.Must have had a leak.PoP said every time he blew it up it went down on him!
Well most aim for no break or small break but that seems a bit too short to me - possibly would look ok with desert boots or chukkas.
Ivy is NOT pleated trousers - slim flat fronts. Man.
Nick @ Tailor Caid Me @ Tailor Caid - behind camera
Nick explaining how/why he dresses "This Way"http://www.mrporter.com/journal/journal_issue110/6?cm_sp=homepage-_-thewayidressc5-_-160413
G Firman has a blow up doll if thats any use?
Oil - based on that pic you are a natural to go the FULL IVY.Check out my good mate -Worried Man - the drummer - on FNB in Index » Talk Ivy » Ivy League style for today @ http://forums.filmnoirbuff.com/viewtopic.php?pid=361318#p361318
Gerry - and other inner west hipsters - whats the Substation like as a venue? Not to worry - I'll book a table at the Caravan Club I think - more my demographic.
Oli - your shot reminded me.Those who are interested in The Ivy look and similar era music might like to know neo/retro Nick Waterhouse has an Australian Tour coming up early March - 3 gigs in Melb IIRC 03/07/15 Perth Perth International Arts Festival Australia03/08/15 Victoria Golden Plains Festival Australia03/09/15 Adelaide WOMADelaide Australia03/12/15 Melbourne Northcote Social Club Australia03/13/15 Melbourne Substation Arts...
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