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If you are wearing Conservative Business Dress then no one will see the back of your shirt. Box pleats are usually seen as casual though.
Are you looking at the Express Option? Its much dearer but the ordinary old post is fine. I haven't used them for maybe 2 years at least. But the good thing about them is their return policy - no questions and a local return address. So you can order different sizes and colours and its only $10 return. I was getting stuff when the dollar as around parity though.
Have you PMd Joe Hockey - I think it might be where he's falling down.
C'mon. Don't just tell him the upside of Canberra!
I'm divesting myself of this folkie revival vinyl albums. I'm swapping coxxy the Chieftans and Clancy Brothers for his slippers.
Anyone here like Planxty, Pentangle, Sandy Denny, Kevin Coyne etc on vinyl?
Careful coxxy you're sounding like an Englishman
this has been noted and entered in our database
Opps she got it wrong. Its tomorrow night. She's got Pussy Cat Anxiety. The good news is tomorrwo night late we are going to see Nudist Colony Of The Dead. A group of Nudists are forced to shut down their colony by a group of religious zealots. Rather than leave quietly, the nudists decide to protest by killing themselves on the site, vowing to return one day to terrorize the people who took over their land. Five years later, a bunch of kids are sent to the ex-nudist...
Bugger. I'm a footy widower tonight.
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