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Reminder. Good value. I'll try and give a quick description of a bit of the Mens stuff in teh next day or so. . There is a lot of new and near new shirts for sale. Mainly smart casual but good quality - Possibly $5 each. We keep almost every white or pale blue shirt for clients. There's some nice jackets and a small number high ish end suits.
You English and your rhyming slang
Suitably Connected is a Melbourne networking group, giving professionals from a range of industries a forum to expand their network against the backdrop of some fun and different events. Our goal is to facilitate strong partnerships and networks for our members both personally and professionally. We're proud supporters of Wear for Success, a not-for-profit that helps dress, groom and coach people suffering disadvantage in their efforts to find permanent employment. All...
Word of warning to all PoP will be in Melbourne in a week or so. Please treat him kindly - he supports Richmond. OK youse down the back - Stop laughing.
Pinky - you might tell people how good it is - for females - mothers, sisters, etc and especially for wives or G/Fs or both
Put this in your diary. The majority of clothes are women's but there is a small amount of men's stuff and its good and cheap. Some of it even iGent approved.
Belstaff logo - looks like a Child Kidnapping Recovery Agency Operating in Lebanon.
Smeggett, Coopers Original Sparkling Ale? I've gone back to it after all the "craft" beers and IPA.
Our thoughts and sympathies are with you.
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