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OK youse two I'll take you on. How many baboons you could take in a fight armed only with a giant rubber dildo. http://theoatmeal.com/quiz/baboon_dildo
Urgent Shoe Advice needed - PoP, brownman? [[SPOILER]]
National OpShop Week.WIWWYesterday. Jacket, belt and trousers opshop. [[SPOILER]] Other various opshop finds that were handy when I had camera. [[SPOILER]]
So are they
I enjoyed watching it last night. I was never a huge fan. But a lot of that film didn't compute. During the time Rodriquez was supposedly untraceable in S. Efrica he was known and toured in Australia. Still I suppose it makes a good story.Edit:: he does come across as a very impressive and thoughtful individual. Not something you can say after watching most artist docos. They didn't mention that he obtained a Philosophy degree in the 80s. Another problem I had with the...
He kept his lollies in A Jar
Theres a portable dog wash business I see around - Dirty Dogs - Done Dirt Cheap. One of the best was a bloke I saw up the street around 6 months ago - a plumber - His name was Ricky ...Surname.... - underneath his name, in italics, on the van, was "Don't lose that number - its the only one to call" - I congratulated him - he said the sad thing was hardly anyone gets it. We commiserated. A friend of mine owns the second hand book shop "Merchant of Fairness". Another mates...
Bespoke ruffles? [[SPOILER]]
They need to stay away from me. I watch COPS on TV - I know how to run up back alleys. I've got hammers, pinch bars, sharp chisels, screwdrivers, electric drill, and 3 X No Gaps Guns - loaded! [[SPOILER]]
WIWT - Hoodie, black T, etc - streetwear? [[SPOILER]]
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