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I recommend getting a a reversible dress belt with brown or burgundy on one side and black on the other. Will last for years and be a great investment. It might be the only dress belt you need. I have 2 x reversible dress belts and around 20 belts all up. I use the reversible belts a lot.
but I'm sitting sneering and condescendingly laughing at you right now.
Blah, that will teach you to let off in the lift if you trapped with your own odor.
Shoes ordered from Herring on Friday night will often arrive the next Tuesday. Why not give your old shoes a spit polish and tell your auntie they are new. Then pocket the $300.
Gay Transexual Sexual Orientation Intersex & Institutional Banking
R M Williams Pty Ltd is a private company. It was taken private from public by Ken Crowley. In 2013 he sold 49% to L Capital Asia a private equity company and retained 51%. Although no announcement has been made it is widely accepted that in late 2014 Crowley sold his remaining 51% to L Capital Asia. L Capital Asia is backed by LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA. LVMH hold brands such as Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Moet & Chandon and Bvlgari.
Good but a bit overrated by the rose coloured glasses used to see backwards.
Lulue Mon - as in I & I Mon Rasta Mon
If you are doing nothing over Easter then the Ambrosi thread makes a good read. (as does the chambray shirt saga, and the bespoke shoes, and so on - all follow the predictable story arc)Its a must to start at the start* - ease into the mind-frame about how great these trousers are, then on to Ambrosi in Tokyo (iirc) - on the booze - and so on.* even better if you can allow a few days in between posts to mimic or get a feel for elapsed time - but that may require an...
P(eppa) o P(ig)
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