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ooohhhhh watchit. She'll have you joined up with ISIS and we'll never see you again.Or with luck you could end up like Larry [[SPOILER]]
yeah I've seen a few tourists, and Ernesto, using those selfie sticks in the CBD lately.
The barber in Henry Bucks is downstairs.
lachy - giving yourself away by being in Smith St in the first place. Unless you are there for business outside the supermarket of course.
lachy - I,and others, can't wait to see many pics of shorts and swim togs and no socks.
ahh - brief, pithy to the point.Headed to Elba or St Helena?
I thought we agreed not to tell TBM?
But everyone knows my answer. It predictable and boring. I don't even feel strongly about it. I'm not a watch person. All you need is a white face Timex Weekender or Easy Reader with a selection of NATO bands and a brown leather and perhaps black leather band.
WIWT @ work. Appropriate. No pocket hankie. Colourful belt. [[SPOILER]]
Well you've clearly understood the basics.Wow. Is this a new business model or your own innovation?
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