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I didn't mean to imply that Target is better or that cheaper is better. Just that paying a lot does not always guarantee quality, a good fit or satisfaction.When experimenting - which lets face it can take nearly a lifetime - that cheaper is better to get things right.You can walk into the most expensive, shiny menswear shop in Melbourne, take the lift upstairs, and many do, pay $5,000+ for an off the rack suit and walk out looking slightly better than Geoffrey Edelsten...
I'd be wary of shoes online. (ask foxy) Unless you know the brand and last suits you. They don't look any better or as cheap than what is at Target and at Target you can try them on.
Yes - I mention Target because they have really upped their game. My Toorak/Braaay-ton lady friends swear by Target for quality in clothes. You still have to judge if its for you. But. Pretty good quality and a great price. Its not for me but that's no big deal (OK shuddup youse in the back seats, yes I'm looking at you PoP, Blah and Pinky) I can't emphasise enough that when you are starting out - you just DON'T get what you pay for. Expensive does not = good. And...
Ththey wouldn't invite me!
@nevernotspurs - you have the basic combinations and colours worked out - and an outfit or two like that will get you to many situations better dressed than 94.65% of men around. Don't worry too much about getting the "right" colour of tan/khaki for chinos. People doing it for a lifetime are still looking. Most near enough colours are fine. I'd recommend if starting out to have a look at TARGET - yes Target. They have a decent cheap line these days, well made, with...
johknee - as long as you in a sandpit or aren't live and business critical there's no reason not to have a go . But there's a lot of proven templates around that can be easily adapted - that's just the efficiency of getting an experienced person to do it.
WordPress is scalable from dummy to advanced. Easy to use at basic level if you want. Don't do the build yourself.
Why don't you try some Russian Putin brand straps?They expand to take over sympathetic wrist territory
Did you slip a note under the door with all our combined retailing advice in summary?
I dont really want to speculate about DMs business model - except to say i think it will sustain and they do have a huge range and good service. And - in general - quality shoe stock doesn't lose value.
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