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Re watching one of my favourite movies. When We Were Kings, doco about the Ali vs Foreman fight in Zaire. Great music, great boxer. ABC 2.
Shirts, chinos, socks, undies. Everything that can/should be washed I wash once or twice prior to wearing. 3 or 4 times before alterations. New stuff has all sorts of crap in it to make it display well. Washing softens things up.
In other post Festivus news: I can report from extensive observations at social functions, strolling through CBD and supermarket fieldwork that if you are over 35, conservative middle class guy with a pear shape - then DON'T wear those current short jackets /sport coats that show your bum, especially if they are tight fitting and you wear them with tight low rise trousers that are tapered below 8". You look like a lumpy pear sitting on top of a lumpy carrot and it just...
Foxy - I have 2 x denim jackets for sale. Cheap. One loose around size 43 jacket, washed /worn /patina original Australian Made Levis Jacket from 70s. One a tightish say 41 jacket size, brand new ish, Jeans West Dark Denim Plus brand new never worn: 1 x Wrangler high rise white jeans size 34 waist, slim fit, 8.25" cuff opening. 1 x wash only 1 x Pair of Blue Denim Wranglers same dimensions. Same condition.
There's a Boggi discount factory outlet in Syria?
we can only hope PoP shaves with a cutthroat and shake hand from a hangover.
you've made some jokes?Can you link to them, I must have missed them.
Thanks Gerry.Complimenti to you too.Meanwhile Luke J asked me to post a recent pic of him in the Middle East - dressed up. [[SPOILER]]
How can you be passionate about shfting other peoples money around for a fee for a rate of return that can't beat market indexed returns?Whenever I hear the word passionate I wish I could reach for my handgun
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