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Yep I find the Top vulnerable to separating at that front point. I have an old-fashioned shoe "last" metal three point things for repairs. I'm practising with glue on my work boots. I'll move on to Topying my own shoes. Might tap down a few toes with tacks and glue.
ha - at one stage I used to tape - reel to reel - all my vinyl.
I was working with a drug agency in the "rescue" tent.Once we fixed ourselves up - we then fixed the punters and performers.Good times had by all.Highlights::Thorpie - despite what anyone says- he once was magnificent - world class..Daddy Cool.Max Merritt.
HC - bust a cap in his ass
You mean Sunbury '72 dont you?
I used to have a mullet.And before Pink Socks gets in - I still do!
Theres a track winding back,......
I posted this a while back but didn't have time to say what I was going to. The quality of this polo is amazing - thick and well made. I figured out it must be over 15 years old and just gets thrown in the wash and used mostly for working in. The colour has also stayed fairly saturated. I don't think that truck stop exists anymore at YASS? - HC?. Certainly Ampol has disappeared.The best , read most robust, polos I have are either freebies or like the above. My other two...
yeah. Every now and then I feel sorry for the monks and take them out of their dark box for a walk. But I don't find them all that useful, neither fish nor fowl, not casual enough or formal enough.My mates father is 97 and has said if he can't reach the ton he just wanted to outlive the big bloke.
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