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Re stretching shoes - there's a few shoe stretchers around on the net - not all that expensive and they can double as a shoes tree. The good ones have little changeable knobs of different sizes you can target spots on the shoes for stretching. Useful if you have bumps or growths on feet. I saw some for sale a that Leather repair place in the Arcade in th city - melb - near that barbers shop with shaving products etc.
an idiot. I said I do it my self.
It happens every time you put them on.No real harm as long as its not an idiot doing it.You can do it yourself though.
CEP More interested in http://theunloseableumbrella.com.au
30 years ago there was the Russell Street Police Station Bombing in Melbourne. Here's a bit, fiction but true, from Peter Temple's novel 'Truth': 'That long-ago day, he came out of the old stone magistrates' court, he was there to give evidence, it wasn't going to happen until after lunch, half a day wasted, the woman was genetically programmed to steal stuff, you might as well imprison dolphins for leaping out of the sea. The next day was Good Friday, he was off,...
Straight Outta Belcompton?
blahman As JM has said - its a very common operation inserting the 2 x Vs. It doesn't have to be a perfect match of material either. You just might be lucky enough to have enough excess material under your cuff opening to do it anyway. If you have cuffed your trousers you will have enough material by de cuffing. You shouldn't be letting it go until you have blown it out - get repairs before it gets that far - its like getting a huge hole going right through your shoe...
Depends. What is it - biro, felt tip or ink?In order of ease and non destructive outcomesWear it and pretend the mark just happened an hour agoGet biro and draw stick figure or carton in same colour - when people look say "Ahh kids"Texta in that stripe same colour as rest of tieThrow tie awayGo to dry cleaner and ask them to SPOT CLEAN ONLY and DO NOT IRON TIEGo to dry cleaner and ask then to clean whole tie and DO NOT IRON TIEGet some dry cleaning fluid and cotton bud and...
Depends how dark/defined the lines are.If dark and well defined it becomes to a large extent a "country" shirt to wear with a tweed sport coat and wool knit tie - or similar - like a Tattersall.If a faint line that is indistinguishable unless up close then its just like any other shirt depending on the ground colour.
yes - I saw it a week ago or so. Nicely done - good short history of the BD collar and roll etc.
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