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I've got access to Nashville - haven't had time yet - but I'm told its good - not noir detective though
Yes. Also Tailor Of Panama is worth a watch.If you like noir - Chinatown and LA Confidential.
The Swedish Wallander is better than the English Wallander.The Broken Shore - Peter Temple is superb. Not a series. A good film of perhaps THE Australian novel.Jack Irish - especially the last series is great - very Melbourne - Peter Temple.Rebus - Series 2 - 4?? with Ken Stott is fantastic - not so keen on first series with that other blokeI came to these after I'd read all the books and they didn't disappoint. The Wallander books are also about ageing and illness - in...
I think that's the recipe for getting stains out of your pre paid for South Korean made leather jacket
Check the cat at 1.18
Napisan - or the Aldi version - in a bucket for 24 hours. Not hot water.Dry cleaning will set sweat stains - don't do it.It's the soaking that removes stains.Napisan stuff essentially makes water more watery.If you tend to get sweat stains - don't let shirts sit with sweat stains - even if you toss them in a bucket of only water as soon as you get home it will help to stop the stains. If you have a problem - keep a large bucket of water in the laundry or even shower and...
Yer True Black Suede Brothel Creepers - almost the real thing = Rollers - poor old shooey had to take to bed for 3 days after seeing the (cheap, nasty, glued, unmanly etc) desert boots.No - some brand called URGE - never heard of them. Never worn - had them given to me.There was nothing wrong with the old Rollers - (except if you step in dogshit) - the ripple soles are very comfy - I don't know how current day Rollers compare.
3/4 length black cargo pants, band t shirt, greasy hair in long pony tail, doc martins with explorer red socks - earphones playing Jesus & Mary Chain.
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