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@Geoffrey Firmin checked PMs?
@crdb Thanks for all that - simplest most accurate explanation I've seen yet. Years ago Ms fxh could never understand why we got different results on our screens. She was using a laptop and IE - I was using my desktop and Opera. It really hits when going overseas with even the same tablet - it seems to really confuse the algorithms when you search and or look at a site from Melbourne, then HK, then Amsterdam then Scotland then Ireland then back the same way again. I've...
As my mate shooey would tell you - Church's is a man's shoe - not for boys. You may not be ready. Not cheap either.btw - what size are you - somebody here might have stuff to offload. Always worth a try.
On a day when I'm on my feet all day and no sitting down, I'll only wear certain pairs of shoes or boots. Otherwise my feet would explode. With the chosen shoes my feet only feel on fire and not quite at explosion stage. I do find Dainite soles with those round circles on them the hardest on my feet. A pity as I have a few pairs of Dainite shoes I like. I do feel a bit sad about McCloud as they were an oasis in the Australian shoe desert for years. And served people...
clayb - no one has mentioned it - but those of us with problem feet will tell you - try shoes on and stick with brands and lasts that are comfortable. Then try and get the best styles etc in that last and brand. The spiffiest shoes in the world aren't any good if they hurt. An extra $200 for shoes you can try on is next to nothing if you save online but they don't fit properly. As the old cliche goes - the most expensive clothes you will buy are the bargains that sit in...
Plus their VAT/GST is 20% - so its a 40% discount?? That is if they do a direct rate conversion each day - they may just set an Australian price? Or like Loake - just ban shipping to oz by third parties like Herring, Pediwear. You can get around it by posting to a UK address (like my brother*) but then you pay VAT* I then save postage by saying I'll do a bank transfer to him for postage and then "forgetting" to do it.edit:: I can't read you chart - so I dunno what I'm saying
Amidst all the anxiety over Brexit and the current confusion kver the Australian elections it's important not to be all negative. Something positive has emerged to give us all hope..................... Sophie Mirabella has been firmly rejected twice now.
I'm quiet and agreeable.
oh nothing at all. I like it. But for a lot of people it's not their cup of Earl Grey.
There's never been a less exciting time to be an Australian voter.
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