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For ernesto [[SPOILER]]
Ha. Was betting either Gary or Oli.
I hear that in Uruguay they find Italians tasty. Much thirst on the shoulder.
PoP are they your Faux Youx trousers?
and a couple of snqagged thread tools to fix pulls in material, jumpers or that vintage silk print tie with much thirst on the shoulders.
As Henry Carter says its easy enough. I suppose it is easier to do these things with confidence if you have done a bit of sewing and alterations and watched others doing it. Most libraries have millions of modern books with illustrations and DVDs on anything you want to do in sewing, tailoring and alterations. Just get an unpicking tool, everyone should have one anyway. Carefully unpick/cut each stitch then patch will be off. The unpicker is safer than scissors.
No bogans in the wardrobe
Looks alright - despite what others say. But is it woollen flannel - nice and soft or worsted flannel? If its a soft woolen flannel then it would be a good buy - if it fits and looks ok on you. I'd worry it might be too tight. The photos aren't much use really to see much of it. Anyone sensible would take off any elbow patches - most likely they can just be unpicked and kept for when you wear through the crutch - if its "real" flannel. The patch pockets are neither here...
I can confirm that PoP got upmarket hosiery from HBs at full price. He did however only buy one sock and put the other on laybuy due to budget constraints.
http://flightaware.com/live/flight/QFA415"Complaint from passenger in aisle seat F36 - says another male passenger is harassing him, wanted to know where he got his socks and hankie from and then asked him if he was a cokc scker or similar"
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