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rolled up jeans look too rockabilly/docs to me - can't do it much. The J-PG exhibition had a pair he'd done for a collection with cuffs up to knees. I was thinking "I could see PoP in those"
I'm not up with the reference but I have a lot of old Django vinyl - sadly left to me by a friend who died from cocaine overdose - from back in the day when people injected it!
I'm more like an aged blue vein cheese. Smelly, soft on inside and outside but go well with a lot of red wine.
There are significant problems* with the ABC but the push by the Tea Party/IPA/Ayn Rand faction of the Libs has nothing to do with the real problems but an ideology that explicitly sees no place for a Publicly funded broadcaster. In parts of the coalition this faction has been on the ascendancy and have a hegemonic control over the main National daily, the Australian, and a proportion of other media. However they are not the natural drivers of the Libs or the Nats and...
Jean Paul Gaultier @ NGV yesterday - well worth seeing the exhibit if you are interested in clothes.
As far as it goes for Libs (and thats not that far) I prefer Mal - but Julie is the best dressed pollie by far - so.......And I've always got in to trouble with Protestant Private School Prefect girls/women... sigh...
smeggett - those large desk calendar pads in a leather base are still useful - if a month in A3 - good to scribble notes on - and use dates etc. Clean slate, so to speak, each month.
In other news: Julie Bishop - (no not that other one) is on ABC 24 News giving a Press Conference on Foreign affairs - good relationships with UK etc. Strong subtext:: Look at me - I'm a good performer on the international stage, I'm loyal, I scrub up well, I can put a sentence together, I'm a woman - if you are going to dump Tones (and lets face it) - consider me above that bloody Malcolm.
Wouldn't take much to look more credible and look good in the loungeroom, sitting on a mahogany sideboard than the bloody Australian Government Gazette
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