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Surely your local branch of the Motoring Enthusiasts Party, (aren't you the policy advisor or strategist or minute taker?) have an annual black tie ball? Or you could join the local Masons and wear one every week!
PoP deets on the trousers? [[SPOILER]]
jay - did i ever tell you my story about giving away my Atomic years ago .........
Thanks nabil - I've always been a sucker for a hack.
PinkyCongrats on your apartment purchase. Hope the two of youse are happy. [[SPOILER]]
meister - friends have an Aldi machines - as far as they go ok coffee but the need to buy capsules and not use my own coffee puts me off. Is there any hack for reusing the capsules and/or using your own coffee or getting a double shot?
I must add that a few mates of mine who are in large national/international corporates tell me that the companies have one or two semi compulsary black tie events each year, for awards, corporate rah, rah, bullshit etc. There almost everyone wears a dinner suit. The funny thing is most of the schlebbs wear at best one or two scruffy old badly fitting blackish suits all year in between equally scruffy kathmandu fleeces and athletic shoes. I'm told its marvellous what a...
Thanks all for the coffee info so far . Faffing about excused - after all I do have a vacuum glass tower thingo. Ms. wants a HARIO type drip thing. I pretty much only use my little italian man Bialleti ? Stovetop these days.
Stiva, I also reckon a velvet smoking jacket, in dark blue, black or deep burgundy can look good for the right person. Crushed velvet even better. Must have bow tie. Looks suitably nighttime and if you made an effort. Certainly not office/business wear. Can look a bit rock n roll. The velvet jacket can work well in other night time outings.
Yes. One thing. I can remember when you could walk into an opshop and pick up a hardly worn, nice dinner suit for $10 from a rack of 30 or so. No more. Rarely see one in an opshop these days. Code:
New Posts  All Forums: