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So you'd deep six it?
Watch it kiddo. Everyone knows as matty 18:20 wrote: "Where 2 or 3 of youse are gathered in my name - I am amongst you"Surprisingly I might have a bit to say - but after looking at shoes on the train and at a CBD business breakfast this am as well as the lUniMelb lecture last night on the "Long Shadow of the Great Famine on Irish people’s health at home and abroad" I would say that anyone who wears a clean shoe made of leather is dressing above the pack. The pain was...
I've got nothing that might assist.I'll be keen to follow up the saga.This is what will be an everyday occurrence if the GST threshold is lowered.Think how much effort is going into collecting $90 GST.
You mean no medallion on toecap? I'm not sure I've seen closed laced longwing.edit: as JM links - I've now seen a closed laced longwing. Doesn't work that well aesthetically
Theres no Oz tax on shoes unless they are over $1,000 single order - like anything else then GST is due.unamed border agency sounds like they are on the Syrian/Turkey border. Give Julie Bishop a ring and tell her you are not IS.Otoh it might be just one of those legal courier scams where they have a host of charges to you for them to fill in papers that mean you dont have to pay tax.If the protectionist lobbyists like Gerry Harvey have their way and the GST threshold is...
You mean Sew Me?
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Justin Beiber is in town?
I see them at camberwell all the time. Their default is jeans belts but I'd assume they can do a nice dress belt. Their belts are good for $20. Not sure of their buckle choices for a dress belt but the tall bloke is friendly so chat to him.
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