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@md2010 any chance you could make those pics bigger?
That would have been my advice 10 years ago - maybe even 5. But I cant say I've seen more than 5 or 6 Dinner Suits worth wearing in an opshop for a few years. 10 years ago you could pick from many in your size and well made and naturally seldom worn. But I would still have a look around a few opshops if I was needing a Dinner Suit. Particularly if I was young enough to get "messy" - I don't drink at all myself these days**.** unless forced to have one or two just to be...
I wore this out last night to see Little Shop of Horrors. I was the only idiot in the whole place in a tie. I am reliably informed by Ms fxh and daughter both with Art /Graphics background and who assure me they know their pantones - that the suit is not olive but a light latte coffee brown! Not enough green in it to be olive.
I was never a big fan of olive - and there's many a thing called olive - I'd mainly seen it as an American non committal style. But I have a cotton suit which I like and gradually came to see as possibly olive rather than light brown. Its probably best described as olive with a brown caste rather than a green caste. Its the green I don't particularly like. Like black - its black with green caste that looks the worst. Some old pics.
Wrong.If they were as old as me they'd be on motorised 4 W scooters
There's a lot of uninformed rhetoric about books and publishing that only clouds the matter. Most authors don't have a fucking clue about business. That said the publishing world is opaque and confusing.
Wrong - hasn't passed senate yet
afaik iirc we already pay on digital purchases - certainly from bigger corporations like apple etc
I suspect places like Pediwear and Herring do enough business here and have a big enough set up for Canada and USA that they will do it fairly seamlessly.** ** before Gerry gets in - seamlessly - that would be a whole cut wouldn't it?
I think the books from Amazon/book depository are one thing that will be ok - it will just add GST. Amazon is big enough to register and mark clearly on outside so that AusPost and Customs will give it an auto pass and only hold it up a few days
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