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matty, you might be my younger doppelganger.
Depends on the context and what you mean by "black casual pants".If its work and you mean black wool trousers or slacks and work is smart/business casual then brown/rust or burgundy toned or grey tweed jacket and dark brown or burgundy shoes.If you are off to The Tote to see your friends grindcore band and they are tight black jeans then black boots or burgundy Docs etc with a black t and black leather jacket.If its an art exhibition opening in Chapel Off Chapel and its...
So I've always been told
Thanks ajc - its just a small set of blurted ungrammatical notes - hope it makes some sense*. I must say i'm not very aerodynamic at all. * based on my idea of dressing for context.
I'd go pretty much with HC for general rule of thumbs. (Rules of Thumb? rules of thumbs? thumb rules ). In general match belt shade/tone to shoes - same colour makes it easy - but brown with brown or burgundy works fine. More formal/business say black belt or darker shade - more holiday mood - more lighter or darker shade than shoes. Weekend or proper casual coloured webbing D ring belt. The no belt look with loops just looks like you got interrupted while dressing ....
You're storing them in the wrong place. Sounds uncomfortable.
The market is cranking up a notch or two. So save up. Waist not want not. Its a cinch.
In astonishing breaking news: Some Australians like to take drugs that make you feel good. Stay tuned for more shocking discoveries.
Banana, from memory both tml and ct have arange of sleeve lengths so will be your best bet. From what I see they vary in quality within the brands. By quality all I essentially am looking at for myself is fabric thickness to be honest. I don't like the non iron stuff. Their build quality seems fine and mostly they last well. For the price they are real value for $. Of the others around I see Pink seems worst value and are mostly like thin paper although I have seen a...
That uniglo belt looks great for the price.
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