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The sole doesn't get sanded away to any real extent when replacing Topy. Could go on forever. Not only that - my Topys seem to last for years and years.
Not so new leather gloves. Small hole worn in top of finger allows discreet smart phone use. [[SPOILER]]
That would be gravy.
oh dear. And here's me had you a cut above Oli.
Anyone from .tw on this thread?
Just found out this was only a few blocks away from where we stay with my daughter in KHH. Nothing on local oz news yet! Taiwan Gas Explosions Kills 24 in Southern City of Kaohsiung By Yu-Huay Sun Aug 1, 2014 2:16 PM GMT+1000 Blasts caused by leaked gas overnight in Taiwan’s biggest port city killed at least 24 people and injured about 271, in what local television described as the nation’s deadliest gas...
Except he only molested girls and women.Jake the Peg with his extra leg - diddle diddle diddle.
foxy: [[SPOILER]]
Congrats on joining us tastemakers. Not sure about the band though.
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