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Yer True Black Suede Brothel Creepers - almost the real thing = Rollers - poor old shooey had to take to bed for 3 days after seeing the (cheap, nasty, glued, unmanly etc) desert boots.No - some brand called URGE - never heard of them. Never worn - had them given to me.There was nothing wrong with the old Rollers - (except if you step in dogshit) - the ripple soles are very comfy - I don't know how current day Rollers compare.
3/4 length black cargo pants, band t shirt, greasy hair in long pony tail, doc martins with explorer red socks - earphones playing Jesus & Mary Chain.
Oli's ideal client brief:Got drunk/stoned. Stole stuff. Got caught. Get me off.
All good stuff but often hard to convince the powers that be.The last point is good - take menswear - its a common aphorism that "Women check out a man's shoes first" - now I'm sure this isn't some genetically determined trait, or even that it was once a trait.But.It's been repeated so much that men think it might be true so many men think about it. And pay attention to their shoes.And Women see it and wonder if all other women do it and men expect it - so they then do...
In other news @Foxhound has made the front page of THE AGE [[SPOILER]]
@Geoffrey Firmin checked PMs?
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