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8 out of 10
Lovely Colours. Compliments.
My advice would be to wear a thick jumper underneath to pad it out.Or if you need, perhaps by request or due to spiked drinks, to do a Worm Dance - I recommend the outfit below: [[SPOILER]]
I doubt it.Remember this man does a worm dance in a dinner suit.
I'm assuming you know how to unpick stitches? If not get an unpicker tool and I'm sure there will be videos on the net. (or approach a female or male who can sew properly and ask advice - could be a good pick up line - wink.) Essentially just be sure you are only cutting stitches not cloth. And don't cut with scissors. If for some strange reason it is all weird underneath you'll need to save patches to reattach.
In nearly all cases elbow patches will be sewn on after the jacket is made. (in fact I'm not sure if it would be possible to do it any other way) Just (carefully) unpick the stitches.
Surely your local branch of the Motoring Enthusiasts Party, (aren't you the policy advisor or strategist or minute taker?) have an annual black tie ball? Or you could join the local Masons and wear one every week!
PoP deets on the trousers? [[SPOILER]]
jay - did i ever tell you my story about giving away my Atomic years ago .........
Thanks nabil - I've always been a sucker for a hack.
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