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So" PoSo. Were you singing: PoP has Got A Brand New Bag" ?
As you do.....
Don't forget SBS Insight @ 8.30 pm tonight on Homelessness. Wear For Success dressed the Melbourne bloke* and woman. I dressed the bloke @ 07 secs on promo. He had a good idea of how he wanted to appear. http://www.sbs.com.au/news/video/467853891812
I've seen her up close on the street.I don't want to be mean but...........
Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to the Wear For Success Sale on Friday and Saturday. The money raised goes toward paying our rent, keeping the lights on and the doors open to assist long term unemployed (refugees, new arrivals, disabled, disadvantaged) look good/appropriate in job interviews. Make sure you sign up for the mailing list for the next sale. A reminder: The SBS Insight Program on Homelessness which was filmed a couple of weeks ago will be...
For my other fellow big timers - Rivers has a 40% of everything sale. Undies, T Shirts, Trackies, Socks
I'm wrong* - it is Boots Online, Stitching Horse Bootery, Red WIngs and Country and Western Boots Company Pty Ltd. A lot of names. So they good news is you can call in and possibly try RMWs on - * Theres always a first time
I don't think so.
I called in as I was going past today - they don't sell Alden. In fact I doubt they had ever heard of Alden.They sell Redwing and RMWs. Pretty big stock on display of Redwing.Seeing they do a lot online they carry a lot of stock out back too.I think they are the same people as the old Stitching Horse Bootery. I seem to remember years ago ( I would say they've been there 30 years?) they sold Docs and Caterpillar etc as well at that Burnley store.That was back in the day...
Actually the boot shop is the same one CD is talking about.
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