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Monday, 18th Aug 2014 Show: 7:30pm - Venue Opens 8:00pm - Bob Dylan (Act 1) 8:50pm – Interval 9:10pm – Bob Dylan (Act 2) 10:00pm - The End ** please note - no support act ** All times are approximate and subject to change by the artist.
The savings will pretty soon disappear if you go drinking with Andy Stewart - I just come down from the Isle of skyNice - one step closer - my advice - one foot at a time. One Step Beyond.....
Herring are sleazy. A while back they sent me an email " We notice you haven't purchased any shoes for awhile - heres a special price for you on these" Just happened to be stuff I'd looked at.
Romp and others have said it well. It does depend on the suede some can take more rubbing than others*. I have a set of Suede Brushes - look like toothbrushes and around 3 are wire and 2 just stiff bristles* and one rubber prongs*. I've no idea where I got it or when but rest assured knowing me it wasn't expensive. In general it does a good job*.An old stiff* toothbrush will work well too. As will a stiff* clothes brush. Or straw broom.A soft white rubber* (eraser) from a...
I think this is going require PoP and me to go away, have a think and respond in detail.
MMh you are into next level PoP territory there.
There's a fragrants free Brylcreem. Do they still make California Poppy? I guess it smells. My Dad used Plain old straight olive oil. Still reminds me of him.
anyway - I think I'm going to get rid of that coat.
Yeah Pinky - as I understand it its a very UK thing. Sort of dressed up, smart casual, wear a shirt and tie underneath, take coat off when in pub sort of thing? Doesn't work too well without a tie in my mind.
HC - from my vast collection - many years on the shoulders and much thirst!I must take a photo or two of some - they'd pass for the Italian Collection. Might make some $ - any tips for marketing online - perhaps as vintage rare silk screen? If they take off in sales I can make some more at Office Works.The coat/jacket is from my "archive" collection that is for reference not for wearing..
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