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Does Barbour make a oilskin suit? Or Driza- Bone? Do they make a Puffy one?
If you like that sort of thing (I don't go duckshooting) I think that Sydney idiot PoP has something as good from an Oz place for 20% of the price.
Ripped Jeans{sigh}
Babe: Pig In The City
In the course of my sorting out my research/photo files - I thought this might interest some here. Sharpies Late 60s - early 70s Melbourne only
I'm more likely to have NFR on my chest
GQ Magazine What Is Going On with Australia’s 2016 Olympic Uniforms? BY MATT SEBRA. March 30, 2016 We're not going to sit here and assume it's easy to distill an entire nation's identity into one outfit. After all, the line between championing a country's codes and colors and laughably exploiting them is a fine one. But why are so many Olympic opening ceremony kits so bad? Every two years, without fail, a host city's welcome mat to the world's best athletes turns into...
You don't know?
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