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Lachy, as others have said, there's nothing wrong at all with double vented DJ, but no vents is more traditional. I'd prefer to see no vents for the simple reason that its a rare acceptable use of no vents these days, and therefore lends a bit of variety to your wardrobe without risking looking out of date. I mean a lounge suit with no vents can, in many eyes, look dated. It also helps define the DJ as different from a lounge/business wear. OTOH you can always convert...
lachy - sounds good . I'm curious - on what occasions do you get to wear a dinner suit and about how many times a year?
Liber, basic, simple, common, piece of the proverbial.
Matt, I'd concentrate on finding a tailor/alterationist in W' bool. For the future use. Ask/poke around , I'd assume due to FJs that there would be shitloads of skilled people and proper tailors around retired or semi retired.
sorry to hear you're not feeling well Gerry.
I've got 2 or 3 SCs in wool/linen/silk its a great blend. Matt, usually your regular optometrist will give you glasses cases for free. Or just walk into a w' bool optometrist and ask them for a freebie. Opshops are a great source of glasses cases, the semi wsoft leather ones with a pocket clip are the go.
O'Connells have some long sleeved ones - I think they will fade and bleed a bit. [[SPOILER]] They don't look as authentic - open weave, lightweight, colours to bleed as these below - but they were deadstock. [[SPOILER]]
Its a very common USA thing to get married in a dinner suit.
Ernesto is a poor man's Finbar Saunders.
I'm not a big madras fan but the Ivy guys get all weepy over the fact you can't get any real bleeding madras much anywhere. I wonder if they still have the real stuff in India? I can see the appeal of the bleeding madras for short sleeved shirts. I tend to stay way from checks and tartans - they don't flatter my middle bits. Come to think of it you'd think perhaps Luxire might have a source for real bleeding madras but I suppose its a niche market and most people even in...
New Posts  All Forums: