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Good stuff matt
Baguette, croissant , cheese and a beret
Fur Lined Shaft??
I'm not sure about the Selleys but with the good stuff you do both sides/edges and let it get sticky apart for around 20 minutes before clamping them together. Or you could do what PoP does and go to the hardware store and ask for a $2 grip of Tarzans tube, the stick that stuffs.
Matt, I've stuck lots of work boots back together myself. The hardest part is getting a good clamp on the join. Getting decent glue isn't too hard my cobbler just gives me a small bottle decanted from his bulk lot. You won't do any real harm doing in yourself even if you do a rough job. If you love them though I'd suggest go to a cobbler who does farm /work boots etc, or even a RMW accredited repair shop. I'm sure there's a few around. I'd get them to rip the whole...
matt - its hard to tell but as far as I can see that doesn't looked like the upper is/was stitched to the sole/lower - you could just get some decent shoe glue and do it yourself - by following instructions. OTOH there must be plenty of places in Tassy skilled in repairing hiking boots etc and could do a good job.
At least they are onto West Side Story now!
blahman - I'm pretty sure theres a TAFE shoemaking course in Melbourne. There are some shoemakers/cordwainers around town who offer classes. Generally its in construction of womens shoes. Here you go with some: http://www.shortcourses.rmit.edu.au/course_page.php?course=S350230&cbs=4ca468ef0540cb475e8aded773b4447f and Two-Day Beginners Shoemaking, Melbourne, Australia Duration: 14 hours Class times: 10am - 6pm Course tutor: Brendan Dwyer Booking procedure: Click the...
The great shame is the wool industry - ruined by short sighted interest groups over the years. All high quality mens suits, jackets and trousers will proudly exclaim Australian Wool or Merino. But we don't have one mill making cloth. Even though we produce 25% of all the worlds wool - China next biggest @ 18% - but we produce over 80% of the worlds merino apparel wool.edit: My educated guess is there are about 5 or 6 Goodyear Welting machines left in Melbourne. As far as I...
Boots are Herring by Loake from memory as its the 026 last which fits me best. I've black pair too.The suit is hard to describe it has some dark - black or grey in the subtle checks but certainly leans toward a tan/brown overall look. Hard to capture on camera and it even looks different on different screens I have here. Oddly it doesn't really work with a plain shirt - certainly not a pale blue.
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