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The brown man, what does $40 week buy in strippers? I assume you know. Or did he mean slippers?
I meant to say the other week. If you are below size 32 then there are some very nice cords trousers on sale at that Gazman outlet in Tooronga rd Hawthorn. Less than $60 from memory.
Other people's?
A large proportion of the tailors in Australia, certainly in Melbourne at least, in the earlier days were Italian and Greek. To some extent we have been influenced by their taste in materials - colours and weight, in particular and some style. Most of the ones that I know were/are heavily influenced by the english style. But like Italians in Italy - they made it their own to an extent. To a degree I can recognise and Australian style, in "this sort of dressing", just as...
Good advice - iSurg - I 'm not up with the research but I have lots of anecdotal tales of people who got the surgery and a few months later it all reverted. The complications/side effects are also massively undersold.People should also wear sunnies more frequently.fwiw I have 5 pairs on a current script, 4 bifocals and one set of readers only.I don't use the readers-only much at all. I find the bifocals fine - I only really need specs for reading. I got bi-focals because I...
Foxy - As I said I like it - I like to give certain looks names. The Hip Menswear Store Sales Bloke look, etc , The Alcoholic Geography Teacher look is a firm favourite - rumpled cord jacket, cord trousers, rumpled OCBD no tie etc etc
I've never been a school teacher!
Foxy - nice look - I'd call it the Youth Ministries Chaplain look. We should pair up in winter one day when I do my Full Pensioner Look - Brown checked tweed jacket, Tattersall checked shirt, wool tie, mustard cord trousers, gunboat brogues,
State of Grace? Is Pell the barman?
Now that is funny.I was with him last night and gave him a vintage Ivy jacket. The money was some I realised was sitting in Paypal for a few months. I was going to say he paypal-ed me some $ for the jacket.
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