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Yes. Warm the sole (my soul is frigid) up with a hair dryer on low. Then slap conditioner on it. Rub it in. Then give it a bit of a go with the hairdryer again and leave for 24 hours. It might help might not but it wont do any harm. In fact its a good idea to condition sole every now and then. Not too much or the leather will go floppy and loose its strength. But a bit every now and then - helps repel moisture. 8.735 times out of 10 a squeak when new will go away with...
Re the shoe - depends where the squeak is. Is it a squeak or a rubbing sound or...? The hardest to deal with is a squeak where the midsole leather is rubbing and squeaking. Sometimes its the shank. Sometimes it goes away if its new shoes. Are the shoes new or old ish?It can be a loose heel. Or friction in heel counter.Most common is lack of moisture and dry leather against dry leather - try slapping on a lot of conditioner.Where is it on the shoe - what kind of shoes are...
This should help. I know PoP appreciates my diagrams to help him dress more appropriately for his Republican Tea Party Intern Job The pocket snot rag is wrong - either because its white and not cream or its cream and not white or its both or its too matchy or not matchy enough - or too much is showing or not enough showing or its to conspicuous or it isn't or its too poofed and should be straight or its too straight and should be poofed. I couldn't find a divot - but I'm...
Chère Ermesto - cela dépend de ce que vous utilisez vous pour TOPY - sur quelles parties du corps que vous frottage où vous obtenez l'infection de l'herpès
Luke - if it was me I'd be doing a pilgrimage:: La société TOPY a été fondée en 1935 par Manfred et Arno HERPE. En 1992, Alain HERPE, fils de Manfred HERPE, a pris sa succession. Entreprise familiale de notoriété internationale, TOPY est aujourd'hui dirigée par Caroline HERPE représentante de la troisième génération. Notre société - dont le siège social se trouve aux portes de Paris, à Boulogne - occupe actuellement 90 personnes dans son usine de 7500 mètres carrés...
Careful those French are tricky. They even have a different word for almost EVERYTHING!
I'm in the market for something to put in mine.
This was alI could see through my cell window. [[SPOILER]]
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