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Tarocash Sells Out Of Lime Green Ties, White Leather Shoes In Pre-Melbourne Cup Frenzy 31 October, 2016 13:15 CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT Every single TAROCASH outlet in Southern Victoria has today sold out of white leather shoes, lime green ties and several styles of grey-coloured shirts with black buttons, a spokesman from the retailer confirmed hours ago. It is understood that the affordable menswear giant has put in an emergency order for up to eight different...
I was saying how I never wear sneakers.And (perhaps) men over 30 shouldn't.Then I saw a pair of Army Superga s and I thought - mmmh -Then Ms fxh showed me this.A blast from the past.As they say. [[SPOILER]]
If he had no socks, trousers ending way above ankles, shoes with mirrors on toes, braces and tie hanging down below his crotch - it would be PoP.
I know you don't see them much around this forum but I've always thought they were a great formal option when done well. [[SPOILER]]
fxh: You want my advice? PoP: Oh, yes, please. fxh: Go back to Bulgaria.
Where were you last night? That's so long ago, I don't remember. Will I see you tonight? I never make plans that far ahead.
I think O'Shea is Australian and started off here?
For his succulent ?
Good job I didn't bump into Gerry Nelson when I was in the city today! [[SPOILER]]
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