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I'm curious - who has people looking at the soles of their shoes?
Priorities - with an Ambrosi trouser - 5 year wait and wrong size - plus ToJ leather jacket - lifetime wait - you'll get any girl you want - guaranteed.See this bloke - with his Ambrosi trousers - 2 years wait for wrong fit - + ToJ jacket - not yet visible - he gets all the girls...see him waiting for his ToJ jacket..... [[SPOILER]]
No need for a lottery- You can get Shurons in any almost kind of variations and sizes - basically customised - bridge width , lens width, temples length, hinge to hinge, full front width and lens height.
Do you mean checked luggage is extra?
Its not that great but you can spend and entertaining 2 hours there. I think there's still a small clothing exhibition upstairs associated with the "Blue" exhibition IIRC. Strangely they had info and clothes and dying with indigo etc from centuries ago but nothing on denim!!!Its also Record Shop Day tomorrow and Melbourne has millions of record shops - many with live gigs tomorrow- check out the maps of what's on. There's a fair few shops within walking distance of the...
Maybe you could organise a group buy?
They do have a heel and that bit up the side (foxing I think its been called - not sure) isn't all sole but is the crepe run up the side as a sort of protection.
I've only seen (proper) woollen flannel, as opposed to worsted, at American Tailors occasionally, and Henry Bucks almost always some. From memory HBs was around $300+
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