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coxsackieviral - isn't that Foot & Mouth disease?
foxy - you've just gone up a notch or two on my database. Live version.
..watched The Snows of Kilimanjaro, with Gregory Peck - I thought he died years ago.
Same as advice for selling anything. Find appropriate market. Drop price until it reaches market. Or hang on. Cost of hanging on equals market value x current rate. There's plenty here who'll whip up a NPV per month unsold for you. + storage and rego costs.
Have you ever listened to them? or heard Mr feckin B Ono talk shite?
sorry ernie - heard a good chat, and some live piano tinkling, with Steve Naive when I was out in the car this arvo.
What ernesto isn't telling you is how excited he was on seeing Quo pop up on TV regularly in the advert. Only rivaled by his seeing irish christian boy band Ufeckin2 shilling for Apple.
I agree - head and shoulders would require a hoodie.
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