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Add to list - washing machine and bottle of Oxyclean
As your trousers get wider/looser you need to use heavier material (suiting) for them to hang right. Other wise you can get a bit of a funny* look. Unless you are going for a casual white linen or cotton summer trousers.*technical termAlso - if you are going for a wider "actual flare" as opposed to say a boot cut then you'll need military cuffs otherwise you'll be dragging in the dirt at the rear or swinging high water above you shoes - neither a good look with wide...
Here's a pic with shoes and cuffs. I think the flare is a bit too much for present day and a straighter leg would look better. These suits are by Italian Carlo Palazzi - 1975 edit: Like a lot of other terms today "straight leg" has been a bit bastardised - esp in jeans. I think what you are after might be best termed Parallel Legs
I think that pic is from the book Sharp Suits. There might be more. I'll have a look
@akclothpooperI think this sort of cut can look very good. A lot of French suits used to tend toward this high fitted waist and wider cuff opening. Probably not technically flared but look like it. If you have a knee @ 10" and a leg opening/bottom at 10" it will look flared even though it is actually straight.This picture unfortunately does not show the trousers hitting the shoes.
Or you can do what me and The Duke of Windsor* do and fold 2 x pair of trousers over each hanger - each pair cuff opening different side.* he's a bit dead now.
@Ernesto - you got the address of MaryAnne's Hammocks?
What do you mean?
Lately I've been inspired by Gerry too
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