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If you don't know where to go for the reception I wouldn't be too worried what you wear.
I have a LOT of experience with stained shirts - on a small industrial scale.Soak in Napisan or similar in a bucket overnight then wash - will clean almost anything.Another tip - if your shirts do get stained regularly - is to just throw them in a bucket of water in laundry as soon as you take them off.
Much the same for me - except I might put up to 3 in one large laundry bag, cold wash, top loader, generic - or Aldi - liquid detergent (1/4 recommended dose) machine always on DELICATE wash. Spin dry. Hang on outside HILLS HOIST line with pegs upside down usually. If desperate I dry them by ironing. If I was in a more perfect world I'd drip dry on hangers and avoid the spin. My shirts seems to last forever. If I do have the odd foxing on collar and cuffs I get Ms.fxh -...
oli - do you regularly soak stuff in Napisan overnight? or use SARD Wonder Soap stick?Do you wear them for more than a day ?How long do you leave them after you wear before you wash them?
When people say their shirts wear out - what exactly do you mean? Just foxing around the collars? or something more egregious? Do you use tumble dryers? wash in hot water? Harsh detergents? Front loaders or top loaders? Home machine or laundromat or dry cleaners? Do you use laundry bags for shirts and delicates? Dry outside on line? I'm just curious.
lukejackson - I've never been to a black tie wedding and never likely to be invited to one. I'm of the opinion, without any hard evidence (I'm going to do some " research" later), that black tie weddings aren't all that common in Australia. They seem to be wildly common and popular in USA.I like your outfit - but if you were to ask my advice - which you probably just did, I'd say lose the loafers - they, suede especially, always remind me of bedroom /house slippers.And...
He was OK if you forget little things about supporting democracy and bleeding heart stuff like that.(although I did think his quip of Australia heading to be the white trash of Asia an inspired zinger worth around 9/10.)
Looks fine to me - if its a Muslim wedding I wouldn't be taking a stubby of VB - but maybe I'm a bit too politically correct!
KiddoI keep telling you - a completest needs 3 watches.Probably all Timex Weekender white face silver case or a perhaps an Easy Reader for a change.A big spender might also splurge on a 4th black face.A nice brown leather strap - say croc - on one - an upgrade from the standard Timex, a black croc - on another for night /formal - also an upgrade strap and about 5 NATO bands for the 3 rd watch.Cost all up - less than $200.End of story.However if you can get a local...
The crack shaft? - I think that shipment was meant for someone else - Fat Tony?
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