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Chinos in Australia are interesting - not yet a staple but changing to almost. My experience (for others) is that its variable. You can get good chinos cheap in the strangest places. You just have to go and try them on. Depends if you like low rise etc. Over the years I've seen good cheap chinos in K Mart, Big W, Rivers etc. CR often has ok to good stuff. Gazman is probably the most consistent - reasonable price for reasonable chinos. But they vary from season to...
red - you'll find canali on ebay second hand. Not totally unknown in Melbourne opshops either - ask CD. They always used to be known to be a fit cut for a more sturdy barrel like upper body but still shaped - well regarded by those with such torsos.
geez smegget - I just clicked on that link - everything I loathe about T shirts on one home page!! I assume its not satire? They are the sort of thing PoP and ernesto wear on Casual Mondays. Quite a feat. er um er thanks again er... T Shirts are underwear - never to be warn without something over them.
not white - not in Melb - err um er thanks - I think
Thanks to everyone for the T Shirt pointers. I'd forgotten about Hanes Beefy. I don't know who stocks them in Melbourne. Anyone?
Thats one way of putting it.
I suspect Matt wears them with short black socks and teaches Maths or English.
It s my suburban dad/ flying beneath the radar look**. As you know I've only just started wearing jeans again after eschewing them for years.Because every other fucker was wearing them, and a black or navy or olive Katmandu fleece pilling jacket, all the time and everywhere to work, BBQs, home, working in the garden. (sadly often the same pair from what I see on the train). It sometimes helps to achieve certain outcomes by looking normal (ish)However theres those who say...
No - they do not.
Casual Wednesday - AM only [[SPOILER]]
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