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10.5 F coxxy
This stuff is going to Opshop/Ozanam House in 10 days
Funny you should mention that. For Sale $100. Near new. [[SPOILER]]
Gerry - wouldn't you be better off with a pair of Crockett and Jones Chiltern chukka boots in snuff suede and with Dainite soles size UK9.5E on the 224 last?
Well the wardrobe cleaning is about 3/4 done. It was a 5 stubby job. Found a pair of chukkas I'd forgotten I had and about 10 shirts I had forgotten and 3 pair of chinos I'd forgotten. Plus a linen pocket hankie. Big opshop bag at door. Decided to purge of all black items* * well except for shoes/boots and an emergency leather jacket and a pair of black jeans in case I have to go to The Espy or The Tote.
coxxy - i saw that about that woman - no surprise shes from rural & queensland! What nonsense - halal certification shouldn't add more than a few bob per thousand $ and its no different to Kosher certifications, heart smart, caeliac, traces of nuts, gluten etc and silly faux charity stuff like pink things. Most halal /kosher meat tastes better anyway. I also see the protectionist push for GST threshold on online goods is on again. Bastards. Might be letter writing time...
So is Fred Nile
For sale:Dinner Suit. VGC. $70Sized at 41 on tag but see my measurements. This has wide shoulders but sits surprisingly well.Waist 34" Rise 12" Inseam 30.5" with 3.5" to 4" to let down. Double pleats on trousers.Jacket: 21" across shoulders, no vent, covered buttons, sleeve 24". [[SPOILER]]
For sale:Trousers, slim fit grey cord 12 wale approx. Missoni Made in Italy. Rise=10", cuff 8.5" with 2" to let down. Inseam = 32.5 - 33"Waist = 34" @$30 GCBlouson/Harrington/Golf jacket type, showerproof, black @$5Brooks Brothers Slim fit, OCBD, Yellow on blue stripes size M = 16" @ $20 VGC. [[SPOILER]]
Spring cleaning wardrobe in summer 2014.This is the sorted pile that will definitely go.Theres another big pile of maybes to sortJeans West near new dark denim jacket @$10, Levis vintage Made in Australia Denim Jacket @$20, Heavy black leather outdoors sport coat made in UK @$20, Brown leather and canvas jacket quilted inside @$20 - sleeves zip off to make a gilet, New never worn high rise Wrangler white jeans plus denim jeans slim fit @$10 each, RM WIlliams off white very...
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