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Wiwrn, On train in melange medium grey woollen flannel obligatory bad phone pic.
Bonaparte's in Lygon Street usually has a selection of proper flannel.
PoP, purely based on the Page 9 groansome effort I must congratulate you on behalf of the Dad's Joke Academy Board. Clearly you have the makings of a proper dad. You might consider next semester moving up to the intermediate class.
"look here young man you can consider Paganini, Parsifal and the Pastoral past participals per present until you perform perfect pronunciation"
So - you're one of the old ones here?
My Samsung Xpress M2070FW printer @home is flashing red and saying I need a new cartridge - just 2 weeks after installing a new one - theres no way its been used that much. Anyone got any experience? I'm thoroughly sick of being screwed on printers. I went back to mono from colour because I couldn't print B&W if one colour cartridge was empty - or what they say is empty. So I have a near new colour Samsung MFP sitting under my new Samsung M2070 mono All the hacks I can...
To be fair - It might have just been 1 form filled in wrongly. Harrolds should be charged with extortion though based on their prices. And with crimes against humanity in the way they allow some people to walk out looking like droobs in their highly priced clothes.
Strange. Theres a bunch of people who think AT is standoffish and disdainful. And another bunch who often spend hours chatting with Sebastian and Tony and not buying anything. Its not an age thing as far as I can see.
Coxxy, easy to put foam or something inside hat internal band if hat a bit big for noggin. Very commonly done. My old man wore hats pretty much 24/7.i know these things
Only 3 pair?
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